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    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    Does that DirecTV quote actually mean anything?
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    I've left DirecTV

    Carl—I left DirecTV in 2022. My decision was due to a changes which involved how I am watching television and my personal needs. I think people’s choice of a provider, or whether to no longer subscribe at all to a linear cable-television provider, are theirs … and that is understandable. I...
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    Potential changes in AT&T's ownership of DirecTV

    I will add to this comment the realigning changes concerning how people specifically use and watch television … along with—and people don’t tend to want to get into this—the economic positions of people who are making tough decisions (part of the overall reasons for continuous subscription...
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    One Year of Peacock Premium $20

    One of my credit cards had an offer, last year, with a –$5 credit issued for each month, for up to three months, with subscription to Peacock. It recall it was for subscription of at least $4.99 pricing—so that would make it zeroed out. I subscribed to the No-Ads package of Peacock. And I...
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    Switched to YouTube TV!

    Do you know if Hulu + Live TV include multiscreens of its carried premium-movie programmers—HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime?
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    DIRECTV unlikely to keep NFL Sunday Ticket

    No such thing.
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    HBO Max/Discovery+ Merger

    I support people getting what they want. I, however, do not care about 4K. This may not get mentioned by many people…but, I don’t find myself thinking about it as the programmers never kept up with the technology of televisions (4K and beyond). So, I figured, never mind.
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    I have three words, for now, to describe this: Out of touch.
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    YouTube TV is Raising its Price

    People are pretty loose at listing subscription prices, one company to the next, as if the included programmers are comparable. For some…perhaps. For others…no. It is important to research and inform oneself of what is carried. And to also note if wanted programming would require a higher...
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    Roku Channel Adds 16 New Free Channels From Warner Bros. Discovery

    Cord Cutters News is enthusiastic; so it is good someone is.
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    Hulu subs can add Starz for $2.99/month for 3 months

    Do you know if Hulu + Live TV carries all the screens of its premium-movie programmers (like HBO, Showtime and, yes, STARZ)?
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    Disney drops 2.4 million streaming subs

    People—forum members—mocked subscribers of then-named CBS All Access. What you mention is one reason why it is not wise to give too much consideration to what others think/say/write.
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    Netflix stock collapses after 4th quarter earnings report

    I am, actually, not subscribed. (I canceled…whenever.) I figure, “Netflix should pay me to be a subscriber.” This may be the same feeling with numerous persons with regard for any television programming service (in whatever form) one can think of.
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    Disney / ESPN Back Up!

    I am not a subscriber of Dish. But, certainly, I hope there will be no more problems for subscribers. This is also with respect for people who subscribe to any service.
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    Disney Networks Dispute Recitifed

    To force the issue and put Dish, more so than Walt Disney Television, at the disadvantage. They need each other. So, something like this cannot, realistically, go on for long; especially not in this period.
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    ESPN+ Bumping up $3 a month

    I am on Ad-Free Hulu and Disney+ for a combined $15.98. This happened last week. I was checking on my account status and noticed, if interested, I could add Disney+ to my established service of Hulu (No Ads) for an extra $2.99. So, $12.99 (Hulu with No Ads) + $2.99 (Disney+) = $15.98. I think...
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    FuboTV pricing

    YouTube TV does not have Magnolia Network (previously DIY Network) and Cooking Channel. When it comes to Discovery networks, YouTube TV also does not have Science Channel, Discovery Life, Destination America, American Heroes Channel, and Discovery Family. (I am not criticizing or complaining.)...
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    Thinking of going from DTV to DTV Stream...questions

    Perhaps this will be some help.…
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    Leaving Directv for Directv stream

    lparsons21, I am sorry that happened to you. Please take good care.
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    Leaving Directv for Directv stream

    Questions (anyone who can answer): • With Internet providers imposing data caps, has there been a problem with reaching or surpassing the limit? • Which programmers’s HD are being carried on DirecTV Stream (while not so on the satellite DirecTV)? Thank you!
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    NBCSN Shutdown

    Here is one report (from 01.22.2021):
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    FMC Movie channel

    This may help explain…
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    If DirecTV wants to give a subscriber a discount…it does not need to contact the customer as if it could be asking for that subscriber’s permission. DirecTV can just…do it!
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    AT&T completes DIRECTV spinoff.

    Equipment isn’t usually first and foremost on consumers’s minds. No. 1 is cost. For the consumer. I am contemplating leaving so my combined costs for subscribing to television and Internet can be lowered quite notably. (I actually have more than this one reason.) A question I would want to...