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    Joey 4s.

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    Had my dish moved, then the tech hauls in a Polk soundbar.

    It is like any niche. You either know or you don't.
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    New rule at Satelliteguys?

    It can cause issues, with certain members if we allow them to close and open threads as they see fit. So, yes just ask if you want a thread closed and the reason. It is then at the discretion of staff whether or not to close the thread. It is very rarely needed, so no big deal. This has...
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    4K Events Discussion Thread

    Join in Progress. ;)
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    Echostars new satellite delayed.

    It is higher than that. Even though it is not the greatest internet, it is internet. I know two installers personally that work sometimes 7 days a week, keeping up with new installs for Hughes and that is just in this area, multiply that by the entire US. Lots and lots of areas still not...
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    DISH Hacked - Websites are BACK ONLINE!

    Please do not post your personal phone number in an open thread. Welcome to SatelliteGuys.
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    Dish is Down

    No need to restart this thread and have two threads. Please post in the current thread.
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    Dish adding "The Cowgirl Channel" on Feb 5th

    Remember this is not an adult entertainment channel, even though it sounds like it. :D
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    Work on DISH 119 Satellite TONIGHT

    Thanks for the "Heads Up".
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    Echostars new satellite delayed.

    Yeah, this was supposed to be up first quarter of this year.
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    Is the Welcome Pack still available?

    If you can get it, it is 40 bucks a month, before locals and taxes and DVR fees etc. Might I ask what is on these moved locals, that you can't live without? ...and willing to pay that much, just to have a local channel out of market?
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    Game Show Network Back on Dish

    Trying to stop an addiction, before it happens. :D
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    do i really need a landline phone line?

    I'll make it easy for you.....No, no you don't.
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    Dish on FTA

    The LNBF on your 3 footer is not the correct one for receiving DISH. Yes, switch is all wrong as well.
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    Greetings from Dish Team Summit Day Two!

    You did a better job than other one-man-bands I have seen in the past. Your actually did really well!!
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    Greetings fromTeam Summit (DAY 1)

    Thanks for the detailed coverage and not just a 2 line summary!!
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    Rg6 ghz limit

    Strange question. But, like Brad said above the codec has nothing to do with the rating or frequency it is transmitted on.
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    We Must Be Getting Close

    Well that verifies it... :D
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    We Must Be Getting Close

    Hey, a member just sent me a message and told me they now show these devices on the DISH website. I have not personally checked as I am at a meeting with a Dr. So, maybe someone can verify.
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    We Must Be Getting Close

    Netscape? WooHoo, 1995 is back! :D
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    Weak moca

    This is not a teach the English language forum......let's not run people off, with rude comments. ;)
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    Peeve... match production of commercials to programs

    Nope, it bothered me too, took me a second to figure out what the title was trying to say. Just got power back after our snow storm yesterday, so I fixed the spelling in the title. :)
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    Help please so frustrated. Missing channels, can't search and preview guide is way screwed up.

    Welcome to SatelliteGuys. No need in posting again, we got your first and now your second. It is near or after midnight. Give the guys some time to get up in the morning and you will have plenty of answers. :)