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    Channel Request OAN

    I would also like to have this channel on dish as well. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
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    I Can't Find BBC World News On Dish

    OK thanks for the info guys. I probably won’t do that, but that’s good to know that it is finally available! Sent from my iPhone using the SatelliteGuys app!
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    I Can't Find BBC World News On Dish

    Hi. I understand that BBC World News is now on Dish on ch 281. When I go to this channel by entering it manually, I go to 280. The channel doesn't appear. I have Western Arc using a Wally. Is the channel not availible on that arc? I can't get Eastern arc due to where my apartment is located...
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    5/24/2017 12:21 - Uplink Report - 50 Changes

    I have 250 as well, and I also don't see it.
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    I'm requesting BBC world news be at it again until it is :-)
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    Dish whole home music app now on the hopper 3 dvr

    I find it on my Wally, but when I click on it it just tells me about what it is with the info on how I'm supposed to use it with the apps on my phone. Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to work? I'm blind, so I'm using the text to speech option in the receiver, and the voiceover screen...
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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    BBC world news would be great.
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    Another potential blackout... Gray communications

    I'm In Springfield, MO also, I just found out about this yesterday. Had no idea about it. I checked, and the locals are still up as was previously posted. This is good news!
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    Thinking about DirecTV

    Hi, I currently have dish network. I'm weighing my options to see what might be more affordable, so I was wondering if there's a list of DirecTV channels by package I could look at? And I'm having trouble determining from their website what packages and channels or what., The website isn't a...
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    TV 2 suddenly not working

    It worked fine yesterday when I woke up, but last night there was a message on my TV that I can't read since I'm blind. Have enough vision to know the message is there, but I can't read it. Hitting channel up and down does nothing. I woke up today, and I couldn't wake up the TV by hitting...
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    6/22/2016 12:28 - Uplink Report - 54 Changes

    I'm just glad to have BBC world news! I don't care what format it's in.
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    getTV On DISH Network

    I googled it, and if years it is on 73. I'll have to check that out. Ignore any strange typos, dictation is being silly at this time.
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    getTV On DISH Network

    Someone in this thread mentioned a laugh channel being on the highways, I didn't think we had that on dish. Did that get added somewhere and I just missed it? *Blue highways*
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    10/14/2015 12:44 - Uplink Report - 11 Changes

    Yeah there's some program on right now about dogs or something, what is this channel? I've never heard of it.
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    I think it sounds better than it did, seems to have really good separation know! :-)
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    I'll have to check it out, the last couple mornings, and deafly this morning, during the new segments I noticed a bizarre humming noise in the background of the signal. I guess this was the backup receiver? I'll have to tune in and check out the new tuner. Ignore any bizarre typos, I'm dictating...
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    No sub channels are being carried here in Springfield, MO.
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    Radi-osophy HD radio (Boombox Style)

    I have one of these radios, I really like it and it does a good job for what it has great FM reception in my opinion anyway.
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    8PSK Conversion Update...

    thanks guys that's what I thought.
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    8PSK Conversion Update...

    blame my phone I meant am I.
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    8PSK Conversion Update...

    I have a 322, Emma affected? I haven't gotten any notice that I need to do anything so far. Just making sure.
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    40's on 4 to move to 40's on 73.

    I agree with the others, that makes absolutely no sense, keep them together!
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    HWS outputting Audio Description on PTAT Chicago PD 4/22/15

    Those of us who are blind, this is a great feature.
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    BBC WORLD News

    BBCA has lots of good sci-fi and her things! That's all I watch on there.
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    BBC WORLD News

    Cool another place to watch the doctor!