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    March has come and gone

    My credit card was charged Friday for the HD Tivo. Shipping Tuesday and should have on Wednesday:-)
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    Jumping E* Ship

    Mike You would do best to call "D" directly and tell them what you want. You will get the multi-switch which you will need for free and the best possible install. I needed the same equipment as you when I switched in Dec. and they gave me 1 Tivo upgrade free and another for $49 and both units...
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    I Canceled DirecTV install

    Mike H. I switched over to "D" in Dec. and called "D" directly to see what they could do. Told them what my setup was with "E" and they offered a free upgrade to a Tivo on 1 reciever and a $49 upgrade on another Tivo. Both Tivo's when they arrived were elegible for the $50 rebate. Also told...
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    Pre-order HD Tivo!

    There is a link at the AVS forum for pre-ordering the HD Tivo if you are a member.
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    Echostar News Conference at CES

    Laughed so hard I cried on #3 :D No disrepect intended :)
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    Here's a good 1 (Dish sounds desperate)

    I have been a loyal E supporter since 96 with the everything package. I found this forum about a month ago and this site is fantastic. Well after reading all the posts here for the last month I made my decision to switch to D soon after the last chat. Charlie (God love him ) looks like a deer...