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    Service numbers

    Good day, Still have a couple months of a lock priced left but seems they threw the $5 increase on me. Is there still a retention or other number to get this worked out directly without playing with foreign phone jockeys and half my day? Thanks
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    actually the last 4 2yr contracts i have had are $10 a month as is my current one
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    MPEG2 Western Arc shutoff

    Good day, Is there any word on Fanduel Racing 398-399 in PR. It disappeared awhile back with the sat changing. Thanks
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    Dish Preferred Customer

    none of these say preferred but existing is in them
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    MPEG2 Western Arc shutoff

    Can't speak for PR but VI has Paramount in HD only.. Don't remember if there was ever a SD. Question though regarding channels in PR--what is the status of a couple channels called fanduel which are supposed to be on channels 398, 399. Assuming they were on 129 and removed because of the...
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    Olympic Channel in Puerto Rico

    Not sure why you don't get it. Live in St Croix USVI and we feed off PR for locals but not sure of other feeds. It is on 389 in HD as I write and shows sat 110.