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  1. J

    nfl red zone

    has any body had any luck get nfl red zone free in place of losing there fox sports channels
  2. J

    Desperate - can't watch Oklahoma City Thunder games

    Same here for last three games here in okc talk to tech support two times they were no help will see what happens tonight
  3. J

    Hopper 3 guide settings

    Menu. Diagnostics. Tools very easy
  4. J

    Hopper 3 guide settings

    My hopper 3 guide shows no SD channels but only because I copied over the settings with my remote from old hopper. If try any of the new options it starts showing SD channels and I have to re copy settings from remote
  5. J

    Hopper 3 guide settings

    My hopper 3 shows only HD in guide. Top of guide says showin HD subscribed
  6. J

    SBC Dish customers

    SBC Dish Network upgrade number 1 866 722 7500 called this afternoon to upgrade my 921 to new 622. took 5 min. installed scheduled 04-05-06. very quick and easy.
  7. J

    Additional 622 for $99 Upgrade Information....

    SBC Dish customer. called 2:30 central time, took 5 min.. Install scheduled 4-5-06 PM very quick, no problems. getting 622 to replace my 921