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  1. MattG@DISH

    DPH42 now available

    Hi all! I know that I have gotten many requests in which we could not add a Hopper 3 upgrade to the account because it was flagged as low beam or there was another issue, like needing 118.7. I am now requesting that if this was you and you want me to re-check for you, please PM me with your...
  2. MattG@DISH

    Happy Holidays from DIRT!

    We want to wish everyone a safe and festive holiday season and wish nothing but the best for you and your families! A small note to everyone is that we will be closing at 12pm MT tomorrow, 12/24, and we will be CLOSED 12/25 so we will be unavailable for a lot of the weekend. We will return to...
  3. MattG@DISH

    CNET Best of CES People’s Voice Award

    Hey guys! For those of you that may not know, DISH’s new Hopper with Sling was nominated for the CNET Best of CES People’s Voice Award. We are very proud and honored to be nominated. We would truly appreciate it if you took the time to vote for Hopper with Sling by 10am PST tomorrow (1/10) if...
  4. MattG@DISH

    Lease more than one 922 per account

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that customers are now allowed to lease more than 1 922 per account. Normal upgrade rules still apply, and any cost is account specific. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
  5. MattG@DISH

    Request from DIRT - 625/522/512 Signal Loss on 1 Tuner

    Hey guys! This is a request that anyone who has a 625/522/512 that lives in the Denver, CO or Roanoke, VA DMA. If you are getting signal loss on only one tuner of your receiver, we ask taht you please send one of us DIRT members a PM with your phone/account number, and the software version of...
  6. MattG@DISH


    SLINGBOX "ALIEN" - YouTube
  7. MattG@DISH

    DISH Support is back!

    We are excited to announce that DISH Support has been redesigned, revamped, and re-launched at I’m sure you’re all aware that we recently took the site offline. We took this opportunity to improve the design of the site and began the process of integrating the site into our...
  8. MattG@DISH

    DIRT - Email If You Need Us!!

    Hey guys! We're having some issues accessing this site currently (internal network problems :(). If anyone has questions that they need answered, please send us an email in the mean time. Thanks for your understanding, we hope to have this problem corrected soon...
  9. MattG@DISH

    DRA/Dishonline Down for Maintenance

    Just a heads up App is under maintenance at this time. Customers will be unable to login until 0300 ET.
  10. MattG@DISH

    Travel Channel Moving to 196

    Didn't see a thread on this, so I thought I would let everyone know that The Travel Channel (currently on channel 215) will be moving to channel 196 effective 11/2/11. Right now the channel is simulcast, but on 11/2, the simulcast will cease, and a slate will be placed on 215 informing that...