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    ViP 222k DLNA

    I have been a subscriber to Dish Network since July of last year through a corporate account at the apartment building I live in and just today hooked up my receiver to my LAN which is 10/100/1000 ethernet and 802.11ac WIFI noticing that my receiver is being detected by my Windows computers as a...
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    What's your favorite SiriusXM station?

    I recently got a newer receiver in the car and my personal favorites happen to be Prime Country and Y2Kountry.
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    Ashamed to be on AM

    Yep, it is a Carver TX-11a as I recall but if not the B or C models which are similar. The TX-11b even being AMAX compliant with optional de emphasis for the curve used by many AM stations. It is what the FCC and NRSC call a "modified 75 uS curve" but in reality it closely resembles the European...
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    Galaxy 19 help please

    The fact that nothing is appearing on the signal meter is concerning to me as well but I also say to disconnect any splitters in use. Another problem is you might not be using RG-6 or similar 75 ohm TV coax. DO NOT USE RG-59! It does not pass power at all which is needed for the LNB to both...
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    Trouble with Galaxy 18

    PROBLEM SOLVED! I locked Galaxy 18 today, actually got a surprisingly good signal quality around 60% on the transponder for UWTV and TVW. Also locked AMC21 so that means I too get PBS much like what another member fought their dish for.
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    Ku dish used for Cband

    Now I want to try my hand at C band on a small dish. Thankfully the one I have is 3 feet and at the moment has a Ku band PLL LNB which I know is working. The results with the GeoSat Pro receiver (same model I have in fact) basically got me wanting to get this a shot and see what happens.
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    Trouble with Galaxy 18

    That trick helped me find quite a few others but failed on this one. What is frustrating is I had locked Anik G at 118.8 degrees with a circular LNB before and just can't seem to lock it now. Maybe I need to swap LNBs briefly in order to find that one and mark it on my dish's calibrated scale...
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    Trouble with Galaxy 18

    It is a common situation, first the SES3 issue and now this one in my case. Supposedly even though I am somewhat blocked I can get Galaxy 18 at 123 degrees west but can't find it. None of the satellite locators I found for Android devices are helpful because of the compass being a bit weird...
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    COZI moving

    Thankfully it is the same satellite but a different transponder. I noticed it too and found the transponder mentioned which is no big deal. Actually it comes in a bit better for me averaging around 73% quality most of the time.
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    Song Name Game Part 3!

    I Can Still Feel You - Colin Raye
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    GEOSATpro Missing radio channels on SES1 11.706 GHz transponder

    MYSTERY SOLVED! All the missing streams are alternate audio feeds under this one program listed as HQ A which is pretty weird. Educational Media Foundation really set this up in a way I had never seen before. In order to switch between the feeds for their affiliates just switch audio tracks for...
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    GEOSATpro Missing radio channels on SES1 11.706 GHz transponder

    Lyngsat shows additional things on that transponder but who knows how up to date that list is. I know of TSReader, great program I used to use it for analyzing ATSC transport streams to find hidden stuff. Just need to do some reconfiguration on the receiver which I believe only supports MPEG...
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    GEOSATpro Missing radio channels on SES1 11.706 GHz transponder

    I have an excellent signal on the 11.706 GHz SES1 transponder but my receiver is not finding all the audio feeds on there and is only finding Radio Nueva Vida but with an incorrect channel name. This happens on all scan types including the detailed blind scan.
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    Anik F1 not locking

    I am not a Shaw subscriber, just trying for the three FTA channels on there. Looks like it really is just me then a bit odd and likely has to do with my receiver. It locks just fine onto other satellites but not this one oddly enough.
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    Anik F1 not locking

    Which band is that on, the issues I am having are on the Ku band side.
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    Anik F1 not locking

    Is it just me or is Anik F1 behaving strangely as of late. I cannot get any transponders to lock at all and stay locked. The signal quality varies wildly between 20% and 54% on all the transponders and does not stay stable.
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    I caught the bug and need a new receiver

    I will keep that in mind as well on another note actually been to Vancouver Washington, used to live about 60 miles north of there in southern Lewis County.
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    I caught the bug and need a new receiver

    I will have to wait a bit but figured there were other ideas out there. Already looked at the GeoSat Pro MicroHD receiver which meets all the needs I mentioned but opinions on it seem to be hit and miss. Some like it and some do not where is the receiver I have even though it is past its prime...
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    I caught the bug and need a new receiver

    As the title suggests, it finally happened after getting the GeoSat Pro 36 inch dish and confirming that I can get quite a bit already including feeds despite my less than perfect situation its time for a better receiver than the DVB-S only Captive Works. What I am looking for is a budget priced...
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    Galaxy 19 on a 24 inch dish?

    I did not give up and at the moment have a 36 inch dish with a PLL based LNB for the Ku band which is working quite well despite my situation. I have a balcony above me but can still get thus far after a bit of exploring Galaxy 19 and Galaxy 3C with others possible but that is what I have found...