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    ViP 222k DLNA

    I have been a subscriber to Dish Network since July of last year through a corporate account at the apartment building I live in and just today hooked up my receiver to my LAN which is 10/100/1000 ethernet and 802.11ac WIFI noticing that my receiver is being detected by my Windows computers as a...
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    Trouble with Galaxy 18

    It is a common situation, first the SES3 issue and now this one in my case. Supposedly even though I am somewhat blocked I can get Galaxy 18 at 123 degrees west but can't find it. None of the satellite locators I found for Android devices are helpful because of the compass being a bit weird...
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    GEOSATpro Missing radio channels on SES1 11.706 GHz transponder

    I have an excellent signal on the 11.706 GHz SES1 transponder but my receiver is not finding all the audio feeds on there and is only finding Radio Nueva Vida but with an incorrect channel name. This happens on all scan types including the detailed blind scan.
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    Anik F1 not locking

    Is it just me or is Anik F1 behaving strangely as of late. I cannot get any transponders to lock at all and stay locked. The signal quality varies wildly between 20% and 54% on all the transponders and does not stay stable.
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    I caught the bug and need a new receiver

    As the title suggests, it finally happened after getting the GeoSat Pro 36 inch dish and confirming that I can get quite a bit already including feeds despite my less than perfect situation its time for a better receiver than the DVB-S only Captive Works. What I am looking for is a budget priced...
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    Galaxy 19 on a 24 inch dish?

    According to the eBay seller I got the dish from that is possible but thus far with my mount even in the best case situation I can provide absolutely NONE of the transponders are locking. Honestly this falls into the category of "I'll believe it when I see it" and thus far I am not seeing it.
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    Annoying noise floor issue

    I am actually quite new to the FTA satellite concept and have a problem that has been nagging me since I got my dish a few days ago. My receiver which is an older model Captiveworks CW-600S Premium is displaying a contant signal level of around 61 which fluctuates slightly despite the receiver...