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    AT&T TV Goes Live 8/19/2019

    AT&T TV goes live in 10 markets 8/19/2019. Confirmed: AT&T TV Launches Tomorrow in 10 Test Markets - Cord Cutters News
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    AT&T's new streaming box offered to Directv Now customers for testing

    It appears AT&T's new streaming box, as well as Directv's transition to a streaming service, is well on its way to becoming a reality. DIRECTV NOW Users Can Test AT&T's New Streaming Box For Free
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    Considering change from Dish to Direct

    I am a victim of the fiasco concerning Dish and their decision not to broadcast 47 Atlanta Braves games in the Atlanta area. As a result I am seriously considering a move from Dish to Direct. Another incentive is the offer being made by Direct via the Costco web site. I am not very familiar with...
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    Need help with existing Eastern Arc installation

    I have had the Eastern Arc since it originally became available. My installer only ran two RG6 cables from the 1000.4 dish. One is connected to a 722K and the other to a 612. I would like to add another dish HD receiver to my system. Is it better to run a third RG6 cable or connect one or both...
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    VIP722K Receiver Numbers

    Do receiver numbers reveal any specific information, such as version number, manufacturing date or series? Or are they assigned numerically as they are produced?
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    ESPN 3D and Dish Network.

    As college football rapidly approaches do any of you insiders have any indications if, and when, ESPN 3D will arrive at Dish Network?
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    Native Resolutiom Pass Through (Revisited #3)

    The subject line says it all. I originally posted questions regarding this option back in 2006. Shown below is the original follow-up sent to technical support after the Charlie Chat. When no software was released a second attempt to converse with technical support was made and the results went...
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    Those who upgraded to Platinum HD please check your online account

    Moderators I know this is a double post but I felt it was important that other members be made aware of my experiences regarding the upgrade to Platinum HD. I would suggest that everyone check their account online after any upgrades to Platinum HD. I made the change yesterday from Turbo Gold...
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    What is the best HD option for me?

    I was once a dish network customer. Since then my ex-wife has taken over my account and my name appears to have vanished from their records. My dilemma is which satellite service should I use. My primary objective, as stated in the subject, is HD service. I will own my equipment regardless of...
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    Native Resolution Pass Through (REVISITED)

    I had started another thread concerning native resolution pass through where I indicated that I was conversing with E* tech support regarding the implementation of this feature. It was my original intent to post the result of those discussions but I became so frustrated with the answers I was...
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    Native Resolution Pass Through

    I sent the following question via email to Monday's Tech Chat. I received a response today. Question: During the last tech chat Dan Minnick indicated that native resolution pass through should be implemented by this summer. Is the implementation of this update on schedule? Reply...
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    Interesting info regarding Dish 1000 installation.

    Please read post #7 you may find it interesting.
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    Installing a Dish 500 near an electric motor

    I am considering relocating my 61.5 dish to a point higher on my roof in an attempt to get a better signal from 129. The location that I have selected, which just happens to be the highest and easiest point to reach, will have an electric roof ventilation fan approximately 2 feet behind the...
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    Dish 622 version C

    Someone posted in a previous thread (I already did a search but can't find it) that his 622 died and Dish replaced it with a 622 version C. If this is true how do you determine the version of your 622?
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    L218 to spool 7/28/05 for 921

    From the Echostar tech Portal
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    L2.14 for the 921 to spool on 6/21/05 Click on Tech Update
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    Need remote code to control a LST-4200A

    Does anyone know the remote code for the Dish UHF remote, supplied with the 921 and 811, that will control the LG LST-4200A?
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    Need remote control help

    I have a 921 and a 811 connected to the same television. The 811 is not activated and is being used strictly as a second OTA tuner. The remote control supplied by Dish is not capable of controlling both of these receivers on separate remote channels and I don't want to use two remotes. Is...
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    AMC 15 on the move

    Not sure when it started but AMC 15 appears to be headed west. Click image to enlarge.
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    Possible L188 download for 921 today.

    Was just talking to tech support regarding some issues with my 921. He advised me that L188 was scheduled to download today. He did not have a list of items fixed with this release.