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    ATT TV NOW Box (Osprey)

    Ok, I have to say, I just bought this box from eBay. I was on the verge of cancelling att tv now because their Apps are horrific. 1. The Apple TV App constantly goes out of sync between the audio and video because the video frame rate suddenly drops and becomes very choppy. The app is...
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    DirecTV Billing Credit Report ETF problem PLEASE HELP

    Hello, I signed up for DirecTV in 2008. I cancelled them in early 2019. So I was with them for 11 years. After I cancelled I started getting demands from them to pay a $195 early termination fee. I called to ask about this and I just kept getting the run around from their overseas employees...
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    DirectvNow Dedicated Streaming Box

    I signed up for DTV Now, but their apps really suck when combined with Apple TV, fire tv, etc. Navigating the app is absolute torture. This is mainly due to the lack of buttons on the remotes. So anyway as many people know, Directv now has a beta program for a dedicated streaming box with a...
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    Cord cutting still subpar

    I have been with directv for over 10 years. I decided to cut the cord and try the streaming companies. I put my directv on hold and not cancel just in case I didn’t like it. I tried every major service out there. Directv now Sling PS vue Hulu YouTube Tv Fubo With directv I was a “mover”. I live...
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    So I have DirecTV, and I "moved" 10 years ago to get NYC RSNs. I am paying about $200 a month for 6 TVs and the Premier package. Honestly, I probably only watch 10% or less of all the channels they give me. I have been thinking of moving to a streaming service, but the NYC RSNs are a must. I...
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    All genie clients stopped working today.

    I have an HR54. I have a C61k and a C41 I also have 3 H25s Suddenly today my 2 genie clients won't connect to the server. They both say server not found. I did a red button reset on both of them and the HR54. No luck. All cables are in good shape and tight. NOTHING changed. Any ideas...
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    4k using c61k and Denon AVR-X4000

    So I just got a 4k TV and I am trying to use it with my denon Avr-x4000. But it isn't allowing 4k.I found an article on ATT forums saying that even the the denon supports 4k, it won't work because it isn't HDMI 2. Any info on this would be appreciated.
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    C61k vs RVU

    nist bought a Sony 75 inch x940e. It has RVU built in. Is there any advantage or disadvantage in using the RVU vs using the c61k client? The TV is 4K, but does the RVU support 4K?
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    C61k problems

    ok just got a C61k and got rid of my c41. I will be buying a 4K tv shortly. In the mean time I am having several issues with it. 1. I use simple control (aka roomie remote) to control it. It uses IP control. In several parts of the settings menu, it just freezes up and becomes uncontrollable for...
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    Sunday Ticket Blackout Question

    I am "moved" and using a NY address. If I watch Sunday ticket via streaming app, are they basing my location off the GPS or my service address. I am in FL, and the Jets are blacked out. So I am either missing something, or it is based on service address. Using Apple TV App. (Took my dish down...
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    Reverse Band 3 LNB No signal 99 & 103

    I am "moved". Physically in FL, moved to NY. I just upgraded the LNB to the reverse band LNB 3. I seem to be getting all my chanels, but it says no signal for 99 and 103. Only 101 has a signal. Is this normal?
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    Which 4k to buy....Need opinion

    So I have an 8000 series Samsung 65 inch 1080P TV that I am going to be upgrading very soon to a 4k TV. I am trying to decide between an LG OLED 65inch, or a different LG or Samsung high end model 75inch (non-OLED). The OLED are just too much money for me to justify the 77 inch model. So its...
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    Multiple Receivers Same Room IR (HR54 missing setting)

    So I just upgraded from an HR44 to HR54. I have 2 DTV receivers in the same place, so I have always used the setting for one of the receivers to use IR codes 00002. I cannot find this setting in the HR54. The program remote feature is a disaster and extremely unclear, and looks like it was...
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    Upgrading to 4K Equipment (I am "moved")

    My HR44 just died, and I have been planning to get a 4K TV. So now is the time. I know how to install stuff myself, so no problem there. I just need to know what equipment I will need to upgrade. I don't want the HS17 because it doesn't have PIP. So either anothe HR44 or HR54. But from what...
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    "Moved" locals.

    So I "moved" to NY 10 years ago. I am in FL. I don't get the local NYC subs because I am too far away. However, I was curious after 10 years, are there any new tricks to possibly get these channels?
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    HR34 3.5mm IR Input on the back panel.

    I know how to do wiring, I tested my wire with a multimeter, it is good. I realize that there is a power out and data in, etc. So let's get past that. Also, I know that I can put an emitter on the front and cover it with electric tape. Now that that is out of the way :) Has anyone gotten this...
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    4 identical speakers with only 2 channels?

    I have a Denon AVR-X4000. On zone 2, I want to connect 4 speakers to the 2 channels. All 4 speakers are the exact same model. Speakers are Polk Audio MC80. Is there a good way to do this that will not harm the avr or the speakers?
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    Returning a receiver question

    Hi, I "moved", and I need to return a receiver. They sent the return box to my moved address. Can someone provide me with the correct address to return a receiver.
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    WiFi Signal

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, I wasn't quite sure where to put it. If it helps, all my home theater equipment is connected to my router:) I have a big house, 4500 sq ft. Concrete exterior walls, and 2 floors. One router is just not good enough to provide a strong wifi signal to...
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    Non-stop problems with HR34

    I have an HR34 and 2 Genie clinets. 1 is a C31 and the other is a C41. At least once a week I have to do a full reset (red button) on the HR34, because one or both of the clinets say "no servers found". I did a red button reset on the clients, but no luck. Only thing that fixes it is red...