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  1. Nominal

    Tegna dispute IS OVER!

    Well, looks like my AirTV Anywhere is going to get some more use.
  2. Nominal

    Willow TV coming to DIRECTV and DIRECTV Stream on 10/3

    I had to refresh my Genie 2 using the DirecTV website to get Willow to show up in my Sports Pack subscription, shame that didn't work for the OP.
  3. Nominal

    Nexstar/Mission/White Knight dispute with DIRECTV

    ...and I don't have to care. My local CW39 is blacked out due to the dispute, but thanks to my trusty AirTv Anywhere DVR and Channel Master OTA antenna I'm not missing anything (never watched NewsNation). I'm just glad DirecTV allows you to download the Sling app (since they're a competitor) on...
  4. Nominal

    DirecTV Satellite - 95+ bonus channels over streaming?

    I just signed up for DIRECTV Satellite in April and I get charged a $15 ARS fee.