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    Orby TV was purchased by Disitron Satellite of Florida. Anyone knows what the plan was?

    Maybe they'll sell the remnants to a scrap yard or sell it to another [emoji2930] satellite company for parts.[emoji6]
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    Orby TV - Chapter 11 Details

    No wonder subscribers pay these outlandish subscriber fees. Get your magnifying glass and read that bankruptcy filing. You will see how those vultures clean our pockets out every year. Enjoy! Sent from my moto g(7) using Tapatalk
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    So...after Orby, what next?

    Why exactly did Orby fail? Were you people trying to make Orby be like Directv and Dish Network in it's infancy? What did you owners expect for $40 dollars a month? This company was in business for only 16 months. Whose fault is that they failed? You complainers or Orby? I seen lot of comments...
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    Orby DVR locking up

    I'm being sarcastic. But, What is DtmTV? I know DTV is short for DIRECTV. I have even seen people call it Direct tv but DtmTV - not getting it. My 5 year old Genie HR44 has about 16 percent space left out of one Terabyte of space. It still works like a charm for a discontinued DVR. I have no...
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    Orby does it make sense

    Orby is in its infancy. I would guve them a few more years for better equipment and an improved lineup. I remember going to my local cable office in the 80's to order service. They didn't have a computer. The office manager hand wrote everything in a spiral notebook. How do you like those Graham...