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    Finding what Satellite I have the Dish presently

    Since it sounds like this dish isn't going to be motorized, if you specifically want the PBS channels on 125°W, you should instead aim for the copies of them on 99°W because the ones on 125°W are supposed to be taken down in a few months. PBS at 99°W has been consistently weaker than at 125°W...
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    Any chances that new Ku band satellite 33 Galaxy will be use for videos feeds?

    I saw Lyngsat lists a 4K HEVC Intelsat promo channel on the Ku side of Galaxy 33 at 133°W. I'm outside of the satellite's footprint to confirm if it's still there.
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    What happened to 95 W Ku?

    Interesting. Intelsat told the FCC that they only intended to operate the C band payload of Galaxy 35, and the license they were granted reflects that intent.
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    Question about TS recording

    Basically, your receiver didn't record the radio channels, but recorded the table within the signal's transport stream showing that those channels exist. So, VLC Player knows about them, but has no data to play them. I don't know about your particular receiver, but recording everything within a...
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    DWTS on Satellite?

    There's been a feed on 97 W every week, but, unlike when the show was on ABC, the feed is now encrypted.
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    FTA In Alaska?

    NPR broadcasts on the horizontal side of 99 °W. Other signals you could likely receive from that satellite and polarity are The Family Broadcasting Corporation mux and the Fox, NBC, and This TV affiliates from the Caribbean. ABC's network feeds are also on 99 °W Horizontal, but they would be...
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    Finally got motor installed. Need some help..
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    PBS Create

    The FCC doesn't regulate picture quality in the way you're thinking, nor do they require anything to be in HD.
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    103w on ku band

    There's no Ku satellite at 103 °W that provides service to Antigua.
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    finally, it's Eurovision Song Contest week again

    Peacock has picked up the US rights to air the semifinals and final in 2021 and 2022. The first semifinal for this year will air live there later today.
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    BVN leaving Galaxy 19 @ 97W

    I believe their main goal in the Western Hemisphere is to cover the constituent parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the Caribbean, the Dutch Caribbean, along with the country of Suriname. For that purpose, 113 °W works better than 97 °W for the time being. Eutelsat says 113 °W...
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    C Band loss of frequencies

    3.70-3.82 GHz is to be cleared in the top 50 economic areas of the United States by December 5, 2021. Initially, the Atlanta, Baltimore-Washington, and Denver areas are excepted from this requirement due to the important teleports located in those markets. Also, Honolulu is excepted altogether...
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    New member to FTA

    TEK2000 just posted a message to TVROSat basically saying that they're going out of business. They have no more C-band dishes left in stock except for one 10 ft mesh.
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    New member to FTA

    You might also want to check into, which is available in the Washington DC and Baltimore markets. By donating $5.50/month, you can remove ads nagging you to donate.
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    C band on twirt

    That's correct. The satellite operators have to give up the 3700-3820 MHz range in the top 46 markets (technically, "partial economic areas" in FCC parlance) by December 5, 2021 and then have to give up the 3700-4000 MHz range in the full contiguous United States by December 5, 2023. The auction...
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    115 West.

    CBFT, the flagship station of Ici Radio-Canada Télé. BTW, French Radio-Canada news feeds outnumber English CBC news feeds on this satellite, at least in my experience.
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    TBD and Quest

    The master feeds of both those channels are distributed to stations over the internet using LTN Global Communications network appliances.
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    SES-11 ?

    Yes, since 2006.
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    SES-11 ?

    SES-11 replaced AMC-18 at 105 °W and AMC-18 has since moved to 139 °W. The Ku part of SES-11 is known as EchoStar 105, but SES-11 and EchoStar 105 are the same satellite. All you need to do is manually update the names in your receiver if you want them to be accurate.
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    CNN Mux on 87 West

    Those video links come from this website, which has a short description of what's playing on each channel. ABC News Live, ABC's 24/7 streaming channel, is also there.
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    Circle channel

    Circle isn't on FTA, since it's delivered to affiliates over the internet using LTN Global's technology.
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    For Election 2020, It’s IP In A Landslide

    Here's an interesting article sharing the perspectives of ABC, CBS, Fox News, Meredith, and Hearst about the methods they intend to use in backhauling live events related to the 2020 elections. Unsurprisingly, given trends over the past decade, the overwhelming majority of all feeds will use IP...
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    Yes, the feeds from the floors of the U.S. House and Senate are controlled and produced by those legislative bodies themselves, then offered up to any interested media organization along with being streamed for free on the House and Senate websites. In that sense, what C-SPAN gets is no...
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    CSPAN analog still there?

    The "government" doesn't fund C-SPAN or have a say in its operations. An independent, nonprofit organization operates it and subscriber fees from cable and satellite providers are used to fund it.
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    PBS MUX down on 125W?

    I haven't been able to get 12180 with my 90 cm the couple of times I've checked this month. What appears to have happened is they raised the FEC rate of the signal without modifying the overall power, so the signal-to-noise threshold needed for reception is a few dB higher now.