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    Canada: CBC signals plans to go full streaming, ending traditional TV and radio broadcasts

    They let you watch a lot of content without even needing to set up a free account. You do not need to sign in to watch the live stream of CBOT Ottawa, for instance. The national and regional newscasts also stream freely worldwide through the CBC News website.
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    Canada: CBC signals plans to go full streaming, ending traditional TV and radio broadcasts

    CBC Gem is a full-fledged streaming service with both live and on-demand content.
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    MeTV is launching MeTV+

    The article in the first post says that only WCIU in Chicago and KMOH in the Phoenix market would get MeTV+ on the first day of programming.
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    Did the 3ABN stations (K25NK) from Rochester, MN shut down recently?

    FCC filings show there was a construction permit granted on October 4th for the station to make some adjustments to its antenna and signal pattern to protect WQOW in Eau Claire, which had to move to channel 25 in the repack. I assume K25NK will be off air until those adjustments can be made.
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    Sinclair/Tribune update

    Antenna TV is a Tribune property. If Sinclair buys Tribune in full, Sinclair will own Antenna TV.
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    Could some channels be going to low VHF after the signal auction?

    Though most people do get local channels from cable or satellite providers, the percentage of households using OTA has actually been going up steadily over the last few years, while households using cable or satellite have steadily been going down (mostly on the cable side, though)...
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    KRDK (Fgo/GF) SOON

    In many cases, the network will either require the affiliate to purchase a specific receiver (IRD) or supply them with one of the network's choosing, no matter the encryption status of the network's distribution signal. That way the network can ensure the affiliate is fully compliant with local...
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    Nexstar buys 4 Western North Dakota Stations from Reiten Television Inc.

    This is sort of sad to see yet another family-owned broadcasting entity with decades of history cease to exist, but such is the nature of the current local TV environment. Before much longer, there will probably be no more than a dozen conglomerates owning every single commercial TV station in...
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    I miss DX'ing TV stations

    Ah, I was wondering if you were taking advantage of the best late summer DX event in central Minnesota I've seen for several years. Those are some impressive catches. I'm especially amazed at the separate UHF signals from Chicago and Michigan. Those stations are well over 400 miles away! I...
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    This is pretty cool

    15+ years ago this would have been even cooler since KCCW would've had slightly different content than WCCO. You could have been watching the 10 PM news and had the choice of watching the WCCO programming all throughout or the KCCO/KCCW news and weather cut-in that aired over the top of WCCO's...
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    What's the furthest out your antenna has ever reached?

    Analog: KPRC (Houston), about 1,150 miles away. This was with indoor rabbit ears during the month-long analog "nightlight" in June-July 2009 when only some analog stations stayed on the air to relay information about the digital conversion. I'm sure channel 2 being pretty cleared out by that...
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    Just wondering Albuquerque has the best signal coverage in USA?

    The main Albuquerque stations effectively have 4000+ foot towers since they transmit, as previously mentioned, from the top of a 10,600 foot mountain crest that is surrounded by relatively flat terrain.
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    The Buzzr website is saying WFTC 9.3. So Movies! is going to be moving, I guess?
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    Analog station in widescreen???

    Analog translators are 4:3, but, just like a digital converter box sending an incoming 16:9 digital TV signal to a 4:3 analog TV, analog translators are able to display 16:9 input in different ways. Namely, for display on the translator, the 16:9 picture can be cropped, letterboxed, or squeezed...
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    I miss DX'ing TV stations

    Surprised me too the first time I saw it, but this is actually a routine a routine occurrence during north-south oriented band openings in central Minnesota. KSAX's 80 kW just can't match KIMT's 400 kW when conditions are right. Actually, the analog KSAX translator in Brainerd is fed with KSAX's...
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    MeTV radio coming to Chicago in March

    This was normal when listening to any analog channel 6 on an FM radio. Wikipedia explains: "The audio signal is frequency-modulated, like the audio signals broadcast by FM radio stations in the 88–108 MHz band, but with a 25 kHz maximum frequency deviation, as opposed to 75 kHz as is used on...