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  1. doktorofsat

    Lucian Bute vs Edison Miranda

    What TV channel transmits the box match Lucian Bute vs Edison Miranda in Europe?Have you any ideea who got the transmittion right from HBO USA?Thanks in advance!:cool:
  2. doktorofsat

    Homemade dish for C Band

    I want to make a homemade dish for C Band. I like very much the mesh dishes and I want to make one I need advice from who have made such a dish, all tehnical stuffs 2,4m is a optimal size ! Thanks in advance BestRegards DoktorOfSat
  3. doktorofsat

    DX Bozoth -best european DX-er

    Let me introduce the biggest european DX -er ever: DX Bozoth He speak and write only in hungarian , and I used to talk with him on Skype.He ask me to shortly present him on boards where other DX-ers and satellite freaks are He is retired, aged 63,real name Toth Laszlo, with QTH...
  4. doktorofsat

    DoktorOfSat on Youtube

    Hello I started these days my own youtube channel! :cool: Please visit: YouTube - doktorofsat's Channel Wait for your commets and opinions Best Regards DoktorOfSat
  5. doktorofsat

    Hindi channels on C band

    The african and the hindi channels were the main reason I started my adventure in C band reception:) Here are some photos from my receptions on 83E.Many , many hindi/urdu/tamil/punjab channels get from this bird with my 150cm pfta dish here in North of Romania str8 from India!Isn't it...
  6. doktorofsat

    DoktorOfSat SETUP

    After many years in Ku band(of course analog too) , this year I decided to "play" with C band too. At the begining of summer I got a very good quality Al 150 cm PFA dish with f/d ratio of 0,42 .My dish has a good homemade polarmount and a 18" HARL actuator(as in photo).I can receive...