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  1. Ely

    I hate the new remote

    Hey guys, I got my HR34 replaced with an HR44 yesterday since I was having constant issues with the 34 (Freezes, reboots, clients would disconnect etc. etc.) I love the 44 because of how speedy it is, however I totally dislike the new remote and decided to stay with my old remote for now, here's...
  2. Ely

    Which channels show Rodeo?

    I don't really watch it but my mom is driving me crazy that she cannot longer watch Rodeo, were channels which offer the sport change numbers recently what channels currently have Rodeo shows? any help would be greately appreciated :-)
  3. Ely

    GenieGo Streaming Video Quality.

    I have been thinking to get the GenieGo, can anyone here who has it and received its latest update tell me how the video quality is while using the new streaming feature that was implemented a few days ago? is it HD, near HD or just SD? also does anyone believe DirecTV will implement streaming...
  4. Ely

    A little confused with some of the Genie features

    When I go to the WholeHome area in Settings I see "Share Playlist" where I can select either YES or NO to sharing playlists, are "Playlists" the same as "Recordings" on the DVR? I assume if I select "NO" then other clients will not be able to play, see or delete my recordings, however if this...
  5. Ely

    Genie (HR34-700) and AM21 issue

    Hi guys, today DirecTV installed a brand new Genie in my house, (though not the latest model) everything seems to be working fine except for this small issue I'm having: I have an OFF-AIR antenna, so I have a AM21 OFF-AIR tuner connected to my Genie, for as long as I have had it, probably 2...
  6. Ely

    Any way to transfer programs from one HD DVR to another?

    I'm upgrading one of my HD DVRs to a new one that supports 3D, However I will have to return my current HD20 DVR, and along with it will go many programs I have recorded over the years, which I really like, is there any possible way to transfer the recordings to the new DVR? the installer told...
  7. Ely

    OFF-AIR Antenna

    Hi guys, the installer came today and installed an HR24-500 DVR, however once he was ready to install the device he tells me that this device does not have an OFF-Antenna input (Which I very clearly told the rep. on the phone that I needed when ordering) so now I cant integrate the over the air...
  8. Ely

    OTA Channels on HR20-100 VS The H20

    For some reasons I get some OTA channels with my H20 receiver which no matter what I do I cannot get with my HR20-100, the same antenna and setup is being used for both receivers, Does anyone have an idea why this is happening? no matter how many times I scan for new channels the HR20 will never...
  9. Ely

    Why The Distorting Of Letterbox Pictures?

    I have been wondering why History Channel HD distorts some of its programs which were originally filmed in letterbox format, why in the world would they distort Letterbox programming? :nono2: it looks horrible and unwatchable like that when it could look so much better, Discovery HD and...
  10. Ely

    OTA HD Broadcasts With DVR Receiver.

    I currently have a regular H20 HD receiver and I love it because it allows me to merge OFF-AIR HD broadcasting channels into the regular program guide along with the other channels, however I'm planning to upgrade to a DVR in the near future but I have been told the DVR do not allow this...
  11. Ely

    Sound Out Of Synch

    I have noticed a problem since I got my H20 HD receiver, the sound on many channels if not most of them is out of synch like the lips movements are lagging behind the sound. Anyone knows a way to fix this? I have tried resetting the receiver several times.
  12. Ely

    Question about local HD Channels

    How do I find out exactly what channels I can get as locals on my area? my zip code is 33012, I only see a few networks listed on the DirecTV site, but I remember going to Best Buy the other day and they had some local HD channel in Spanish that doesn't appear listed on the DirecTV site, anyone...
  13. Ely

    Problem Installing 5 LNB Antenna

    I have recently purchased a new HDTV set and ordered the DirecTV HD package, unfortunately I have a 4LNB only dish and to be able to get locals I must upgrade to a 5LNB one, the installers came today and told my mom ( I wasn't home) that it was impossible to install the new antenna and suggested...
  14. Ely

    News World International

    What a pitty this nice channel is gone, It was one of my favorites, Hopefully they ( Canadian CBC ) will be back in the American market some day, Anyone else watched and liked this channel here?
  15. Ely

    Question About Receivers

    Hello all I'm Ely and this is my first post here, Nice forum :) I have been a DirecTV customer for the last year or so, when I signed up for the service I received two Hughes boxes and they have done their work fine, cant complain, however lately I have seen news and posts on this site...