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  1. nickg420

    Internet required for Hopper and Joey Install??

    I just moved into a new house. After a week long battle with Charter over serviceability it's going to be months before I can even think about getting services from them if they even decide to finish wiring my neighborhood. Because of this, I was forced to go with Dish and ATT Uverse for...
  2. nickg420

    Tivo Roamio Plus and Mini MoCA Question

    I just made the decision to jump to Charter from Dish. It saves me $60+ a month and I will end up with more HD. In doing my research I discovered their DVR is trash so I ordered a Tivo Roamio Plus and a Mini. After some reading it seems as though the Roamio Plus doesn't work like the Hopper and...
  3. nickg420

    Thinking of Switching from Dish to Charter Triple Play Gold

    Anyone do a similar switch that can provide some outlook on what to expect? Doing the switch would save me roughly $60 a month for more HD and I would add a home phone which I do not currently have.
  4. nickg420

    Weird Favorite Channels List Issues

    I just received my 2nd Hopper Replacement in less than a year from a HD failure. It seems to be working great except for a small issue... It never saves my Custom Favorite Channels list as the default guide list and keeps reverting back to My Channels. Secondly, my Joey in our Master Bedroom...
  5. nickg420

    Second HWS In Less Than a Year and Now Random Reboots

    This is my second HWS in less than a year. The first HWS had a HD failure within the first 2 weeks of use, and now this replacement is randomly rebooting. I thought it may be an overheating problem so I checked and Avg Temp is at about 116°. I still made sure there was plenty of airflow around...
  6. nickg420

    Not a Good Start Dish Network...:mad:

    I just swapped from DTV on Thursday to Dish with Hopper and awoke this morning to a HD failure. So now I've lost all the recordings I just caught up from the switch and I will have to catch up and miss recordings again. Not even a week and already have issues...And the best they can do is send...
  7. nickg420

    HR34 Will Not Boot...Dead...Dead...Dead

    Usually leave SonicTap playing while we sleep at night and awoke to the "Cannot Find Server" screen...I figured there may have been an issue during the software upgrade that is supposed to be rolling out...I came out to the living room to reset the HR34 only to find that it simply is...
  8. nickg420

    "You Might Like is Currently Updating. Please check back in an hour."

    Just got the Genie a couple days ago...Does "You Might Like is Currently Updating. Please check back in an hour." ever change? I have turned the Genie option on but I have yet to see this change or any new recordings in the playlist....Am I missing something?
  9. nickg420

    A Little Worried About D* Install

    I just switched to D* and my install is Sat. I have been reading about the second cable needed for D* DVRs....It will be impossible to run a second line at my home.... I have high cathedral ceilings in my living room, and my TV and entertainment center are located on an inside wall....What...
  10. nickg420

    Anyone ever fly a CRJ-700??

    I'm flying out to Kansas City, MO on Monday from Atlanta, GA...They have me going out on an MD-88 which I've flown numerous times and have no problem with..... However, they have me coming back on a CRJ-700 (Operated by ASA), I do not know anything about this aircraft and have never flown one...
  11. nickg420

    Article on E* at CES 2008

    Not sure if anyone read this or if it has been posted...I just stumbled across it and figured I would share...if this is a repost from old news please remove accordingly....
  12. nickg420

    E* Offer Almost to Good to Pass Up

    E* once again has sent me a "We want you back" Offer.....and I must say it is almost too good to be true... I will get 20 bucks off of my bill for 10 months with any HD Package and I get a Premeium Channel package of my choice free for 6 months. When it's all said and done it's almost like...
  13. nickg420

    Anyone Else Missing Some HD Channels??

    I woke up this morning to NO TNT-HD and no HDNet Movies in my channel lineup.....My wife says it hasn't been there for a couple of days anyone else having this issue or know something I don't???
  14. nickg420

    Just Switched from Dish to DirecTV!! (Questions About DVR)

    Is the DVR Dual Tuner?? With E* I had my DVR and HD hooked to the same television and just swapped inputs when I wanted to watch recorded material. The Bedroom television actually had the receiver. Menaing 2 televsions run off the one DVR Receiver. The one in the Living Room and the one in the...
  15. nickg420

    Dish is About to Lose Another One!!!

    This is going to be the straw that breaks my back!!!!! When I upgraded to the 211 on Feb 1st I pleaded with Dish not to send some tech out to install my reciever......But oh No!!!......They insisted there was no way around it!!! So they scheduled Feb 12th which was yesterday, the tech came...
  16. nickg420

    Stupid E* CSR!!!!!!

    I called E* Customer Service because a friend of mine lucked out and got someone with a brain and ended up with a 211 and is patiently awaiting tomorrow, So, I figured what the hell, I'll try to get a head start and be one of the first on the list......All I can say is Holy Super Shitbreak...
  17. nickg420

    Atlanta HD Locals When????

    Are they supposed to be up by Feb 1st?? It just seems stupid IMO to have people who know that new HD channels are up there but they have to wait to upgrade their receiver to view them.....I would have went the complete opposite and given out the most of the new equipment and waited on the...
  18. nickg420

    Is this possible???

    Hi, everyone new to this site and Dish Network. I currently have a 625 DVR on 2 televisions at home. I will be recieving and 811 HD Reciever Friday. I would like to piggyback, for lack of a better term, the 811 on my DVR just for when I want to watch HI-Def programming but keep my dvr...