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  1. Crickee

    Regional Action pack channel 412 question

    We’re thinking of switching to the Flexpack and adding the Regional Action pack. The channel listing I printed last week shows 412. When I log into mydish and look at it 412 isn’t listed. Can someone please confirm if this is or is not included? I’ve sent Dish a message on Facebook but...
  2. Crickee

    Hopper 3 Bluetooth signal drop

    I have 2 pair of Jam Transit Bluetooth headsets that I love and they work perfectly EXCEPT with my H3. The H3 will intermittently drop the Bluetooth signal and they lose sound. I can turn them off and back on and it's fine. They don't lose signal with any other device. This has happened...
  3. Crickee

    Joey 4K Bluetooth?

    Is the Joey 4K or 2.0 Bluetooth ready without the use of an adapter? I have searched here but am having trouble with search errors on my ipad and am not close to a computer. Thanks and sorry if this has been answered before!
  4. Crickee

    Switching to Hopper 3, transfer/backup question

    Did anyone upgrade their HWS to the new carbon interface so you can move existing DVR programs to the new Hopper 3 with a network cable? I'm scheduled to get the Hopper 3 installed this weekend and am trying decide whether I should clean out my DVR recordings so they will fit on an EHD or do...
  5. Crickee

    Help! Tech installing Hopper - doesn't have a clue how to mirror anything!

    Dish Tech is here upgrading my ancient system to Hopper, I want to mirror the Hopper signal to a tv in the next room about 20 feet away. I was told this was a simple wiring issue, but this guy doesn't have a clue. I hope this isn't a warning that he doesn't know what he is doing. I told him...
  6. Crickee

    Hopper/Joey configuration help

    We are looking at going to Hopper. We have 722 now and 4 tvs. Will I need 1 hopper and 1 mirrored joey? 2 tvs are HD, the other 2 SD. I don't mind 2 of the tvs being mirrored. I get confused reading the different ways to configure.
  7. Crickee

    HD partial signal loss . . . LNB or 722K failing?

    Installed 722K on 7/3, last couple of days we get the complete signal loss screen on Tuner 1, then it will work fine. Tonight system info says LNB drift, I am not sure what numbers you need, but we found that some HD channels aren't working and some are. Tuner 2 is working fine with no...
  8. Crickee

    Wanting a 722K only, Dish can't promise that's what I will receive. Why can't they??? Any suggestio

    I am very frustrated tonight! After much thought I decided to upgrade my 622 to a 722K. MaryB on the DIRT team was very helpful Saturday and I pulled the trigger and was expecting delivery tomorrow. I found out today they were shipping a 722 and it wouldn't be delivered until 7/8. I told them...
  9. Crickee

    which remote comes with 722K receiver?

    Upgrading from 622 to 722K and I want to know which remote comes with the 722K. Will it be a 20.0? If it is a 20.0 can I use that to back up the timers from the 622 and restore to the 722K? I have copied my timers off of dishanywhere just in case I can't. I apologize if this is posted...
  10. Crickee

    Is there a slingbox that will work with Dish Anywhere and 622 receiver?

    We have a 622 receiver that is working just fine even though it is 7 years old. I really don't have a need to upgrade to the hopper since I like the set up we have and don't want to rewire our basement. The only thing I really would like is to have a sling box to access dish anywhere on my...
  11. Crickee

    Distant channels question and upgrade

    We currently have a 622, and are considering an upgrade to the Hopper/Joey. We have had the distant channels with All American Direct since 2006 and don't want to lose them. We also have locals that we got in 2010. If we upgrade will we lose either of these? Which channels would be recorded...
  12. Crickee

    Change to Hopper or stay with 622 with distant networks?

    We currently have a 622 with no available locals, we purchase the distant networks from All American Direct. We also have the system set up so we can watch TV 1 or TV 2 in any room with the exception of TV 1 can only watch TV 1. We love this set up and I am not sure how the H/J set up would be...
  13. Crickee

    All American Direct/Sobongo - contact information help!

    I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one. This was the card that I had on my All American Direct account. I cannot seem to find any contact info for them to get this changed. I have called their number 8009099677 and all I get is a message about some extension that is not available...