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  1. Lynskyn

    Repaired My AM21N Today

    My AM21N started giving me the Local Channel Connector (LCC) Not Detected error. After fruitless attempts to get Directv to send me an LCC kit, I decided to crack the AM21N open and have a look. I noticed that the large capacitor C2507 had a little bit of crustiness on the base around the...
  2. Lynskyn

    Repaired My AM21 Today

    It has been a long time since I have posted here but I wanted to share this for anyone who may have a "dead" AM21 off-air tuner. My AM21 stopped working and the HR24 display showed both off-air tuners as "removed". Tried resetting, different USB cable, etc. but no joy. I decided to crack open...
  3. Lynskyn

    SWM Question

    I have a first generation AT9 dish and have never used SWM. I have 2 HR24s and 2 AM21s. DirecTV is giving me an HR34 (replacing 1 of the HR24s) and installation including the necessary SWM equipment if I sign up for two more years. My question is, which SWM equipment will I need? I will have 1...
  4. Lynskyn

    New Software Available for Pansat 9200HD

    I just notice Pansat released version 1226 for the 9200HD. No idea what was changed since the last version (1219) as there are no release notes.
  5. Lynskyn

    DVB-S2 Blind Scan for Pansat 9200HD

    FYI - According to one of Pansat's dealer sites, a new DVB-S2 "Plus" board is coming out in May that will do blind scan for S2 signals on 9200HD receivers. Nothing on Pansat's site about it yet though.
  6. Lynskyn

    Houston Texas C-Band Stuff

    I had a satellite company in Houston from 1988-1999. I just cleaned out my garage and I have several feedhorns, feed covers and DSS LNBs. If anyone is in Houston and wants this stuff I will let it go CHEAP. Here is what I have: Several Chaparral polarotor 1E feedhorns 1 - Chaparral Bullseye I...
  7. Lynskyn

    9200, DVB-S2 and DiSEqC 1.1

    I have found that although DiSEqC 1.1 works on the Pansat 9200HD for DVB signals, it does not work with DVB-S2. I am using an 8 x 1 DiSEqC switch with my C Band feed on #5. I can tune and scan normal DVB signals this way but if I try to get a DVB-S2 like Equity on G28, I get no signal. If I...
  8. Lynskyn

    Pansat 9200HD Now Does DiSEqC 1.1

    I emailed Pansat because I saw they had enabled this on the 2700 & 2800. I asked if they were planning to enable it on the 9200 and they said they already had. So I checked in the Satellite Setup menu under DiSEqC and sure enough, it was there. I am using version 1212. Now I just need to get an...
  9. Lynskyn

    Pansat 9200 PVR Software Now Available

    Pansat has posted a new bin that has PVR capabilities for the Pansat 9200. A hardware mod may be required on earlier models.
  10. Lynskyn

    Pansat 9200 eSATA Mod

    Apparently the eSATA PVR capability for the Pansat 9200 is coming soon because Pansat has posted a hardware modification document that applies to certain earlier production models.
  11. Lynskyn

    DiSEqC 1.1 on Pansat 2700A/2800A

    I just notice this posted on Pansat's site under "New Software" - "2700A / 2800A API Upgrade (DiSEqC 1.1 support)" Apparently a software upgrade will enable this feature on these receivers. I hope they do the same for the 9200.
  12. Lynskyn

    Pansat 9200HD and DirecTivo Remotes

    I have a Pansat 9200HD and realized very quickly after installing it that the remote from my HR10-250 controls the Pansat. My wife was changing channels on the HR10 and my Pansat was changing too. Apparently the Pansat box doesn't know how to filter the HR10 remote commands because the HR10 box...
  13. Lynskyn

    Surge Protector and Ka-Low frequencies

    I am looking into getting a surge protector with satellite coax protection for a Directv HR20 and this Panamax looks pretty good. My concern is the specs show the satellite frequency range as 950 MHz-2.2 GHz, but when the new Ka birds light up, they...
  14. Lynskyn

    IFC Audio

    I don't usually watch IFC, but I have watched some shows on that channel the last couple of days and I noticed the audio level changing during programs. It will drop and then come back up. Not sure if this is something on their end or an issue with my HR10-250. Has anyone else noticed this?
  15. Lynskyn

    HR20 RF Remote

    I have an HR20 being "installed" next Saturday. I had read that it would come with an Infrared/RF remote, but when I look at the manual online, it says that it comes with an IR remote and that an RF remote/antenna kit is optional. Has anyone here gotten one yet who can tell me if that's the...
  16. Lynskyn

    HR10-250 Output Format Question

    I realize that if the HR10-250 output is set for any format other than 480i, the composite video out is disabled. (I hope the new HD DVR won't have this limitation). My question is - after I record a program in HD, will I be able to set the output format to 480i in order to watch the program...
  17. Lynskyn

    Source for H20-100s?

    Has anyone here found a source for the H20-100 other than directly from DirecTv? Everywhere I look all I see are H20-600s. Thanks.
  18. Lynskyn

    Houston CBS HD Now Up

    Just noticed that the KHOU 11 (CBS) HD satellite feed is finally up.
  19. Lynskyn

    Moving a DLP TV

    I am getting a Toshiba 56" DLP TV (56MX195). The box it comes in is too high to fit upright in my Expedition. Does anyone know if laying the box on its back to transport it could cause a problem? Otherwise I'll have to find a pickup or take it out of the box. Thanks.
  20. Lynskyn


    I'm getting tired of the slow guide in my H20-600 so I called my old satellite distributor to see if they had the H20-100. They said they have the H20-500. Does anyone here have this model? If so, is it running the 060F firmware or the 003E 020E, B00000113 like on the 100 models? Thanks.