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  1. Wescopc

    Terrain Profiles

    How do I view them?
  2. Wescopc

    Who Makes the Orby OTA Antenna?

    Just curious - if anyone has figured out the manufacture/seller of the antenna. Markings "HD-408" Bob
  3. Wescopc

    Unable to renew my Orby service

    Here is the email I sent to Orby today - haven't heard back yet. I originally setup my account by phone. I was asked if I wanted it to auto renew. I choose to re-up each month. The Customer Service Representative told me that I would receive an email before the end of each month of service...
  4. Wescopc

    SiliconDust has discontinued Hdhomerun Signal Meter

    SiliconDust has discontinued Hdhomerun Signal Meter - at least on google play store. Don't know about IOS. Has anyone found a good alternative?
  5. Wescopc

    "Home Theater Display" from Vizio has NO tuner

    Looking at TV's - not all TV's have tuners! They are just monitors with HDMI inputs - no OTA. Some are billed as "Tuner Free" TV's. Not good. See this link: Bob
  6. Wescopc

    IMPAKT Satellite Products is retiring from FTA

    Impakt has been selling FTA equipment for 20 years. Everything is 50% off with the code D50 at checkout. Web site is: I have bought a number of items from them in the past - sorry to see him go! Bob
  7. Wescopc

    Electrically Driven Satellites

    Found this interesting Bob
  8. Wescopc

    TBN has moved to new frequency

    Satellite AV posted yesterday that the TBN channels moved to a new transponder on G19. Frequency: 12053 Polarity: Vertical Symbol Rate: 22000
  9. Wescopc

    Amiko A3 up and running!

    Want to thank Titanium for the A3 that I won in the contest! Quite the machine! Bob
  10. Wescopc

    Testing this forum for "best answer"

    I have been trying in the "FTA Shack" forum to get the "best answer" button to show - now will try it here. So feel free to comment. Bob
  11. Wescopc

    How Does an Answered Question Show "Answered"?

    I have seen the "Tag" answered a few times - just wondering how it is done. Bob
  12. Wescopc

    GEOSATpro External Hard Drive Enclosure that will work with the microHD

    I bought a bare drive (2TB WD) and installed it in a USB connected (wall powered) Acomdata enclosure. The microHD will not display the USB green LED. The microHD will note, on the TV screen, that the drive has been removed when you unplug the USB. My computers (Win 7 and Chromebook) will read...
  13. Wescopc

    Updating a DSR100c firmware - how to use the rs232 port?

    With old firmware on a DSR100c, one can not change the TP frequency to upgrade the firmware/channels from the satellite. How would one update via a computer?:help: Bob
  14. Wescopc

    Remote Control Alpha Numeric Silkscreen

    Editing function - When editing the favorites list a grid of the Alphanumeric characters appears for selection. When editing a channel, satellite, or DVR file, one needs to enter the characters by pushing the number key that contains the desired letter/number - like the keypad of your phone...
  15. Wescopc

    Program Guide for PBS channels on 125W (AMC 21)

    Does anyone know where one could look for information on PBS national programing?:usa Bob
  16. Wescopc

    Inital test of the MicroHD

    I received a MicroHD yesterday (I am a GloryStar dealer) have had a few hours to test. First, when setting up with a HDMI cable use a newer 1.3 compatible cable. I have an older cable that worked after I set the resolution manually - but not in the auto detect by source mode. Once set up and...
  17. Wescopc

    Thank you Blockbuster!

    Got two 1.2 meter Prodelin dishes from (Closed) Blockbuster stores today (thank-you Charlie). Will need to convert them like RT-Cat did in post #3: Need some cleaning and TLC! Bob
  18. Wescopc

    LG Optimus T Android Phone T-Mobil

    Has anyone used the "LG Optimus T" phone with the DishPointer App? If so, how well did it work? Bob
  19. Wescopc

    Dish network billing worksheet

    I remember a dish network site where you could enter your equipment and package and see what the cost would be. Does anyone have a link to that site? Bob
  20. Wescopc

    Can one setup a new account with owned equipment self installed?

    There is a 92 year old lady that has been given some used dishnetwork equipment. If I install the equipment for her, can she sign up for the locals (or the Welcome package) without a contract or pay for a service call from dish? Bob