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  1. NR2D

    No A&E and history channels

    Just went to watch something on A&E and then history and nothing is there. Any ideas?
  2. NR2D

    Unable to delete timer on a Hopper 3

    I tried to delete a timer on my Hopper 3. Under DVR and the Timer tab I can highlight the timer hit the select the timer and hit delete. The time will be deleted from the time list but when I come back to the timer list it is still there. On the guide screen the timer symbol is still shown. The...
  3. NR2D

    Just switched to Comcast from Verizon

    I just switched to Comcast from Verizon. Verizon doesn't have FIOS in my town and I got tired of waiting. I still have Verizon for my phone service. I'm thinking of changing that over also. I bought my cable modem. If I decide to switch my phone service over I want to bye the new equipment. My...
  4. NR2D

    Intermittent 4K Joey Picture problem

    I have had my Hopper 3 and a 4k Joey installed for about 3 months now. Within the last 2 weeks I have had a picture problem with the 4K Joey. Every so often when the 4K Joey is first turned on I see a "haring bone" picture on the bottom 1/3 of the TV screen. I can clear it by turning the 4k Joey...
  5. NR2D

    Dish in dispute with NBC

    Didn't see any posts about this yesterday but saw it in the "headlines" this AM when I signed in to SG. As I said I heard about this yesterday not the lawsuit but the dispute.
  6. NR2D

    Dish Anywhere data usage

    How much data does Dish Anywhere use generally? I streamed about a half hour from live TV this morning. According to my cellular data usage on my iPad I only used only about 200 MB. I would have thought it would have been more. Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  7. NR2D

    Joey 4K and network connection

    Does the Joey 4K have to be connected directly to the Hopper 3 or can it go through a hub and my router? I have the Hopper 3 connected directly to my router.
  8. NR2D

    Goodbye Dish Network

    I was just told by a DISH DIRT rep that I can't have my Hopper 3 and my VIP 722K on the same account. I'm on the phone now with a customer support rep and she is saying the same thing. Until this morning it was fine to have my 722K on the same account. Another DIRT rep said nothing about the...
  9. NR2D

    Dish Anywhere iOS APP

    I was playing with the Dish Anywhere iOS APP on my iPad last night. I wanted to watch a TV show on my Hopper 3. Now when i shut my TV off my Hopper 3 also goes into standby. When the Hopper 3 came on line and I was in the APP and in the Guide I hit the TV show I wanted to watch. When the Hopper...
  10. NR2D

    New Hopper 3 not seeing recordings from ext. HD

    I connected my external hard drive to my new Hopper 3 last night. I receive the dialogue box that I have connected an external device to the USB port. I then go to the DVR screen and it shows both the internal HD and external HD. When I go to the external HD the box show that it is 11% full but...
  11. NR2D

    New Hopper 3 and VoD

    Well I watched my 1st Video on Demand tonight. Pretty cool. I had 1 problem though, when I would fast forward my receiver came up with a message saying it was downloading more data, buffering. I think this is due to my slow internet service Verizon DSL. We don't have FIOS in my town and Big Red...
  12. NR2D

    LNBF LO Frequencies

    Where can I find the LO frequencies for the Dish Network LNBFs? I'm looking for the dish 1000.2 Western Arc, 1000.2 LNBF Hybrid eastern arc and western arc. I just bought First Strike FS1-HD PRO. I had to set up the Dish satellites from a setting list from another meter to get it to work. Also...
  13. NR2D

    Hopper 3 running on a UPS

    Has anyone had any problems running a Hopper 3 on a UPS? After taking a close lightening strike several years ago I run all of my Audio/Visual equipment on a UPS. I read on the Dish Network support site about someone that had a problem with several Hopper 3s on a UPS.
  14. NR2D

    Dish Customer Service Still sucks

    I called Dish customer service today. I'm making some changes to my Dish system and I started today. I called Dish customer service to remove 1 JUST 1 receiver from my account. I check my account on line about an hour ago and saw that the customer support representative not removed the receiver...
  15. NR2D

    VIP211 ext. hard drive on to a 772k

    Can I take the external hard drive off of my VIP 211 and connect it to my 722K without loosing any recordings? Also can I take the external hard drive that's on my 722K and connect it to my new Hopper 3 without loosing any recordings? Sent from my iPad using SatelliteGuys mobile app
  16. NR2D

    Satellite Guys reader crash

    I downloaded the reader. In fact I'm using it right now. But anyway I went into settings and hit push notifications and the reader crashed. You should be getting a report from Apple about this. I'm running an iPad Air 2, 64gb, WIFI/cellar and iOS 9.2 So far everything else looks great. Sent...
  17. NR2D

    Pointing the eastern arc LNB Hybrid/1000.2

    Can someone point me in the right direction to find the correct elevation, azimuth and skew for the eastern arc LNB Hybrid/1000.2 dish. I tried but they only show each individual satellite on the eastern arc and the 1000.4 dish. Thanks.
  18. NR2D

    Uplink reports - any listing on firmware changes

    I see that Scott posts the Uplink reports. Is there any lists of firmware/software changes that have been made to a receiver. The reason I ask is that my daughter and husband have lost use of their external hard drive with their 722K all of a sudden. I posted this in the Dish Tech Support...
  19. NR2D

    Thinking of a Hopper or Hopper 3

    I'm thinking of replacing my 722K with a Hopper or a Hopper 3. I will not be using any Joeys. Presently I have a 1000.2 on the western arc with a Dish Pro Plus 3 satellite LNB. I do have a 1000.4 dish with the eastern arc Dish Pro Plus 3 satellite LNB that I can install. I receive my locals...
  20. NR2D

    VIP722K Lost external hard drive

    My daughter and son-in-law have a VIP722K with an external powered hard drive. All of sudden the 722K does not recognize the hard drive. They are receiving an error stating You can't use this hard drive on another receiver that to use the hard drive it must be re-formatted. According to my...