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    Pics in threads.

    The SatelliteGuys APP is no more. It may still work if you have it, with limited functioning and as you see some things do not work. Either use the regular Tapatalk APP or you a regular browser. I find that a browser for this site works fine on Android devices.
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    Home Run king, Hank Aaron has died at 86

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    OTHER Koqit k1 sem ligar

    Welcome joseosmar. Please use English on this forum. As far as the receiver, I have no experience with those. Have you tried contacting the seller you purchased it from?
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    More Sucuri Firewall Issues

    Yeah, has to be something to do with that link. If I try and edit #175 I too get the "oops" pop-up.
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    More Sucuri Firewall Issues

    That is very strange, it only does it on that one post. If you notice Foxbat I edited your post above that one with no issue.
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    AMIKO Amiko Mini HD SE organizing satellite transponders

    Okay I think I see what you are wanting to do, and yes this is still on the current version of the receiver, I guess I sped read your post and misunderstood. No, you cannot rename the list "All Satellites" as that is just what it is and list of channels from all satellites. While in that...
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    AMIKO Amiko Mini HD SE organizing satellite transponders

    I seen it, been busy all evening, also trying to locate where I have stored an SE, the new ones I don't see groups just favorites. So, gonna have to look into to this. Personally, I never use either. So, it is not in the front of my mind.
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    Osmio 4K Clock Problem

    Yeah, but you wouldn't be born yet. :D
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    Video Editing Info Needed..............

    Perhaps, try Davinci Resolve? I use it all the time for video editing. So, it should work for this too, I have not tried it from a video recorded from a FTA receiver, BUT I have have used it for a quick way to reduce the size of other videos. No editing. There is a learning curve to use this...
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    Join the SatelliteGuys Folding@Home Team!

    Same here I have been looking for a 3080 for awhile now......that is not scalper pricing.
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    Free BUD's in SW Missouri

    Yep, and he lives somewhere in Missouri too, doesn't he?
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    OTHER Is RG-6 required for fta?

    Yes, it needs to be good quality RG-6. Any coax will not work as the impedance could be wrong. This will greatly attenuate the signal. Your cable needs to be 75 ohm. Also, this is just not being used solely for receiving a signal. There is also voltage being sent up the coax to power the...
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    Buzzr! at 97W...moved or left C-band?

    Nope it went fiber.
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    Still getting some cool images. I still love watching the images come in the same as I did years ago, mostly on 20 meters. I am using an "updated" version of MMSSTV. You can find it here: YONIQ – GRUPO RADIO GALENA If your Spanish is too rusty, just go down to where you see: Descarga de...
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    Yep, I remember reading about that now. Even heard a little voice on it, until they stopped that.
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    Getting some flawless beautiful pictures today. Either conditions are just right or they turned up the power.
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    I have been getting a few. The first one is from yesterday, then second one is from about two hours ago. These are some of the best ones so far.
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    SSTV from the ISS coming up!

    Thanks for the update Jim S.!!
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    OTA Signal Meter

    In stock at R & L as of right now. TINYSA TINYSA
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    Software Update Today

    On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More. Settings. Under "Privacy and security," click Cookies and other site data. Click See all cookies and site data. At the top right, search for the website's name. To the right of the site, click Remove . Source: Clear, enable, and...