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  1. KE4EST

    DIY Arduino C-Band Dish Mover

    This thread will be updated over the next few weeks stay tuned....
  2. KE4EST

    This is a Test Thread (ignore it)

    This is a test. That is all.
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    CONTEST!! Titanium ASC1 Appreciation Give-A-Way

    Well all good things must come to an end or so they say. About 6 or so years ago Brian at Titanium Satellite was hard a work designing a better solution to the V-Box/G-Box type dish movers. After many hours of burning the midnight oil and testing, the ASC1 was the result. If anyone has ever...
  4. KE4EST

    DISH & 5G Discussed on TWiT (This Week in Tech)

    For those interested, today on TWiT, Leo Laporte discussed DISH and Charlie Ergens next move. Here is a clip from Leo's show today:
  5. KE4EST

    AMIKO New Firmware for MINI HD265

    Hello all! New firmware has been released for the Amiko Mini HD265. This update mainly fixes YouTube playback. YouTube has changed their policies again so it broke YouTube playing on previous releases. You can download below or on my website. My website also has instructions and warnings for...
  6. KE4EST

    Orby TV Goes NationWide on Monday

    Was talking to a CSR at Orby today. They have commercials set to go off in the lower 48 starting Monday. Currently they only have commercials running in 3 states.
  7. KE4EST

    DISH and Sarkes Tarzian Reach a Deal

    Looks like Sarkes Tarzian stations are back on DISH! Just got this email and the local channel that was gone is back!
  8. KE4EST

    AMIKO New Firmware for HD265

    I have just uploaded new firmware for the HD265. You can get it here. Scroll down to where it says Current Firmware HD265. It will be labeled HD265-JAN2019. Remember to follow the procedure to backup your personal channel list. Instructions are on the site above the down load. I will also...
  9. KE4EST

    New Forum

    As more and more new receivers are becoming Android and Enigma based. I thought it was time to move discussion of those types of STB's to its own forum. Android and Enigma/Linux Based STB Discussion
  10. KE4EST

    Let's discuss Enigma 2, etc in this forum

    comfortably_numb make a thread in this new forum to discuss E2. ;)
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    Michael Electronics Site Update

    Just to let everyone know I am in the process of changing things over to a different server and host. will no longer be used shortly. The new one will be I have had for a year or so now and have just had it idle and pointed to...
  12. KE4EST

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    So has anyone on here besides me pre-ordered this game? Looks like it will be some good eye candy for console fans.
  13. KE4EST


    I have a AMIKO MINI HD265 that is slightly used. Works great and all accessories included, including warranty. Please PM(Conversation) me if interested. All specs can be gotten from my website: Store $60 includes shipping to the continental US!
  14. KE4EST

    CONTEST!! Summer FTA Contest!

    Now that summer is here, it is time for a give away...or two! Grand Prize is a New opened box, AZbox Premium HD+. This was donated by member bpalone. Brian from Titanium Satellite has also donated a C1-PLL C-Band LNBF. Yours truly, will be throwing in another C1-PLL and two Maverick...
  15. KE4EST

    AMIKO MINI HD265 Gets Better

    Well guys I have been testing the latest firmware for the Amiko Mini HD265 and am happy to announce that it now has true internet time syncing! This is something I have been asking for since it came out. This is great news since satellites in NA are all over the place with time. Now as long...
  16. KE4EST

    Couple of Amiko Mini HD RE's FOR SALE

    Hello guys. I have a one brand new in the box Amiko Mini HD RE for sale. Since it has been disco'd I will let it go for $70 and that includes shipping to the US. If you want this and are in another country you will have to pay shipping. *SOLD* I also have one return unit I will sale for $50...
  17. KE4EST

    Introducing the Amiko Mini HD265

    Sorry for the long wait guys, but honestly I had to test it to the limits. I don't like rushing a product out, just to find out it is full of bugs. I also sent a unit to Brian Gohl and let him put it through the ringer. I honestly could not find anything major wrong with this receiver, but we...
  18. KE4EST

    Great Article on FTA in February TSM

    Just wanted to mention to the guys that subscribe to The Spectrum Monitor; there is a great article by Ken Reitz on FTA. Also thanks to spongella (Mario) for emailing Ken about the Teletext found on 97W as found in a thread here on SatelliteGuys. Ken even mentioned SatelliteGuys in the...
  19. KE4EST

    Amiko Mini HD RE EOL

    Well guys I hate to have to post this, but alas I have no control over it. Amiko has discontinued the Mini HD RE. I have been discussing this with them and they have decided it was time to move on to faster chip-sets and H.265 capable units. I can understand this. The RE had the same class of...
  20. KE4EST

    Merry Christmas To All

    I hope all of my fellow FTA'ers, have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!