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    Surge Protector?

    Is there a need for a coaxial surge protector for my Dish system? I really have not considered this but lightening came through my Adelphia cable connected to my cable modem and fried it!! It wasn't electrical because the modem, printer and scanner all plugged into surge protector. It came...
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    DC locals pixilating on 622 but not 510

    My abc, cbs, fox, and nbc locals are having major pixilation problems when viewed on my 622 but not my 510. Just noticed today, April 20th. I have had 622 for a month and this just started. All other channels seem fine. I would think this is a dish problem and not the 622 except for the fact...
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    Washington DC locals moving; will HD locals stay

    I see that the Washington DC locals will be moving off of 61.5. Will the HD locals remain on 61.5? I am upgrading to 622 on 3/28 and was going to have wing dish added to my Dish 500 for my HD channels including local HD. Even though CSR told me I can get HD only on 129 and has me down to get...
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    ?about dish 1000 and wing for 61.5

    Just called today to upgrade to HD. I have Dish 500 quad. I told tech I needed a wing dish at 61.5 to get the Washington DC local HD channels. This was news to him!! Tech said I needed dish 1000 to get all other HD on 129. Won't the 61.5 pick up all the HD channels? I live in the West...
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    Washington DC HD locals; no CBS

    I am getting ready to make the jump to HD since they added Washington DC locals to HD. I checked the dishnetwork website and they have ABC, FoX, and NBC listed as HD but not CBS. I live in WV and do not receive any OTA channels. Any info as to why CBS is not included and how I can get it? Thanks
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    Will 522 be available to existing customers

    I recently upgraded one of my receivers to the 510 DVR. I am qualified to upgrade to another 510 if I wish. If they are going to offer the 522 for lease early next year, I would wait for that. CSR stated they did not have any current plans to offer 522 to existing customers. Any info? Thanks