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    4K H3 rebuffers Netflick on 50 mbs wired internet line

    The odd thing about this problem is that it occurs only when I watch episodes of "The Stranger". I also see this problem with a Roku Ultra direct connected to the TV. I am hoping this is a Netflix problem. This will be confirmed if others have experienced it. Otherwise the prime suspect is...
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    Hopper "suspicious activity"

    On May 4, 2019 at 00:15 pacific time, my BitDefender internet monitor posted the following notification: "BOX A.1 has detected that Dish Hopper DVR (Family Room) attempted a connection to a suspicious remote location" The remote site times out when I tried to access it. If this...
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    Internet radio urls

    My apologies if this is not the appropriate forum for this topic. If it is not, is there a Satellite Guys forum dedicated to Internet Radio? Is there a reliable source for the URLs of the radio stations that currently broadcast on the internet?
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    Layer 3 Streaming DVR vs. Hopper 3

    Layer 3 is offers a no obligation 21 day free trial of their streaming internet-connected DVR. They offer over 250 HD only channels, a full time 4K channel (NASA TV), and promise to deliver "white glove customer service". I took them up on their offer. I ran their DVR in parallel with my...
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    Beware of setting a timer for your favorite team

    The sports tab on the home page allows you to choose favorite teams. You can then set timers to automatically record all games your teams play regardless of what channel the games are on. What a wonderful feature for fans of the British Premier League whose games can be scattered over a half a...
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    Layer 3 Streaming DVR

    Has anyone experienced the Layer 3 Streaming DVR? I am told that its picture quality surpasses Dish and Direct TV. Although it currently lacks the apps that Roku provides (they say Netflix and Hulu are coming soon), it has the potential to offer the functionality of a high picture quality...
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    Mobile streaming of international radio stations

    I am looking forward to the day when automobile manufacturers will seamlessly integrate an international streaming radio app with their radio/media controls so that we could enjoy hands-free control of station changing with display of music art and descriptive text on the car's navigation screen.
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    Classical Pops

    Is anyone upset that Classical Pops (Ch 75) has been merged with Symphony (Ch 76) thus reducing the previously meager number of instrumental classical music channels to one?
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    Freeing the PTAT tuner and keeping commercial hopping

    If you like to hop over prime time commercials, but do not want to commit a recording tuner to PTAT on a full time basis, you can do so by using the following method: When at least one PTAT day and one PTAT channel are selected, all PTAT programs recorded by the standard timer method will have...
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    NASA Channel moved to 406?

    When adjusting parental locks on my Joey I found that channel 406 is identified as Fox Soccer HD but shows the NASA ICON. Is this an error, or will NASA be moved to the previous High Def soccer channel? If so, will this be the much waited for NASA HD channel? Channel 406 does not appear on...
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    Hopper Favorites List Scrolling bug

    I do not know if all hoppers exhibit the favorites list scrolling problem because I have only 1 hopper and do not know anyone who has a hopper who could try to reproduce the problem. If you set up a favorites list of exactly 7 channels and you scroll the list, the display becomes corrupted...
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    HD Resolution -- Dish Vs Direct

    This statement popped up on the High Def Forum. "the directv guys claim dish is 1440 x 1080 and direct is 1920 x 1080." Does anyone know if this is true?
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    Measuring and displaying picture resolution

    Is there a box that can monitor and display the picture resolution (1080 i, etc.) of the video content being transmitted to my 722 receiver?
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    Measuring Picture Resolution

    Is there a device which would allow me to see the resolution (1080p, 1080i, etc.) of signals received from the Dish satellite?
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    Timer recording stops before program ends

    I have a VIP 722 DVR using L671 software. I create timers by clicking on future programs in the program guide. When the timer is activated it does not start recording at the time the selected program starts -- it starts 3 to 4 minutes early and stops 3 to 4 minutes before the end of the...
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    Fox Soccer Channel Plus

    Is there any word on when Dish will transmit FSC+ at hi def?
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    Can VOD be viewed via HDMI interface?

    I apologize if this topic was previously discussed. The search function did not find any applicable threads. I have an HDMI cable connecting my 722 to a HD monitor. When I tried to watch a VOD movie, A message popped up saying that HDCP was not enabled and I should try using the 722's...
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    Earth transit of the moon

    Did anyone catch Saturday's eclipse of the moon by the earth as seen on the Earth channel 212? How many terrestrial dwellers other than astronauts have ever seen this?