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    Hopper 3 Audio Sync issue

    All I know when CEC is enabled within the Hopper...My TV powers on which then turn my AVR..I've came home before after turning off everything only to find it all back on..
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    Hopper 3 Audio Sync issue

    I have Vizio P65-F1 (CEC disabled in Hopper) HDMI from Hopper to TV, TV to Pioneer AVR no audio issues......yet. CEC off is only way my setup would work
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    New entries in Network

    Yeah must have been a update, don't think its a problem, but there is more activity then before this...I will keep checking.
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    New entries in Network

    The Joeys are wired to the hopper, I notice they all disappear for couples of seconds they come right back this happens every few minutes
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    New entries in Network

    Few days ago these entries started showing up in my router joey_br and Dish Technologies Corp. Hopper 3-br has been there since day one.
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    Looks like it may work, off to ebay to see the price thanks
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    Think I may go with couple pieces of aluminum c-channel
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    Thanks but no way I'm gonna install it on the roof..
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    TV antenna, my house has hip roof. I guess I should have said want to mount the antenna under the overhang to extend out past the roof, the overhang is roughly 30"
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    Bye Bye Dish

    I guess most of you that stream don't have Caps on your broadband?
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    I have about a 30" roof overhang and I want to mount the antenna there. Anyone seen that type of mount around for not too many $$$ ?
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    AT&T disappointed with offers for struggling DirecTV

    How many times and how much money has these companies received GOV money to extend broadband ? Been lots of $$$ given away and few results...GOV just gives them more and more
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    Hopper 3/ Pioneer VSX-1131 AVR

    Is the only way the Dish (54.0) remote can control VOL on the pioneer avr is being connected to the AVR first and not the TV? Under device I got from someone I connected the Hooper to TV via HDMI then optic out of tv to AVR. That setup stopped the tv turning on by itself, but would be nice to...
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    Dual Tuner OTA adapter (AirTV)

    I did a test with same OTA same location..My results were airtv tuner got 21 channels, I used 42" Emerson from bedroom took it in living room and got 28 channels. Guess the tuner in emerson is a good bit better...Not trying to crap on the airtv tuner, just my results
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    OTA question for a clueless person (me!)

    I picked up tv station in North Carolina once with perfect picture for about 15 minutes then it was gone. I was in Oklahoma, I guess it works like what we called skip in the old CB radio days. I'm using older DB8 antenna it works okay at best, would be better if mounted back on pole outside...
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    Nexstar Media Group forces blackout of nearly 5.4 million DISH customers

    May not have that many more channels with Dish or DTV once you delete the religious and shopping channels
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    Bummer, Universal Radio is Closing

    Where does one go these days for Shortwave radios..ect? Other than ebay
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    DISH just lost a 20 year customer.....

    DTV did very same with me, was with them 20 year. They canceled my account by mistake and I lost all my perks ($40.00) per month. They said they could not return them and I was considered a new customer...They did pay that month bill of $100.00 or so but longer I thought about the longer I was...
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    Discounts for channels lost

    Yikes, so if you bought Showtime and for some reason it was pulled, Dish could keep on charging you a monthly fee?
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    Discounts for channels lost

    I look at it this way, I should only pay for what I signed up for..They can always ask me if I want that channel added