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    New entries in Network

    Few days ago these entries started showing up in my router joey_br and Dish Technologies Corp. Hopper 3-br has been there since day one.
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    Under Eve Antenna Mount

    I have about a 30" roof overhang and I want to mount the antenna there. Anyone seen that type of mount around for not too many $$$ ?
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    Hopper 3/ Pioneer VSX-1131 AVR

    Is the only way the Dish (54.0) remote can control VOL on the pioneer avr is being connected to the AVR first and not the TV? Under device I got from someone I connected the Hooper to TV via HDMI then optic out of tv to AVR. That setup stopped the tv turning on by itself, but would be nice to...
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    Discounts for channels lost

    I tried to call but waiting time was 55 minutes, tried chat but 118 ahead of me. So I'll ask here does Dish offer any kind of discount or refund for the loss of these channels? Thanks
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    Hopper 3 HDMI CEC Issues?

    My setup is Hooper 3 connected HDMI to Pioneer VSX-1131 Roku to Pioneer VSX-1131(HDMI) TV Vizo P65-F1 connected to Pioneer VSX-1131 (HDMi) CEC enabled on all devices When I turn off everything with Hopper 3 remote about 10 seconds later al comes back on TV, Pioneer VSX-1131..I can reset Hooper 3...
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    Dual Tuner OTA adapter (AirTV)

    Is the tuner in those about as good as in TV..or better, worse? I have DB8e antenna with rotor, anyone know of forum that still around with tv antenna talk thanks
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    Wanting to save $$

    Been with DTV since 1999 but looking at Dish now. What are the differences between these hoppers (2&3)? I called in but couldn't get past them trying to push something on me long enough to answer questions. Thanks