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    Help with DECA and Internet set up

    I have a SWM dish with only one wire from the dish to a grounding block on the outside of the house. The grounding block has four outputs, three are capped and one output goes to a cable going through the wall to a power inserter. The cable from the PI goes to the SAT 1 input on my hr21 700...
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    HR10 250 WITH SWM

    I have a TIVO model HR10 250 that I would like to re-activate. Since it was last activated they installed a new SWM LNB dish. Can I use that dish together with the TIVO? I have access to the all the cable runs, the power inserter and the switch. If the TIVO will work with that dish, do I...
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    Pixelation on only one channel

    I have an HR21 700. I recieve both HD and SD channels perfectly except for the last week or so the HD Fox Sports Channel 687 pixelates and stalls about every few minutes. Sometimes every 20 seconds. This only occurs on this channel. I have reset my receiver several times and my satellite...
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    Did Directv turn off MPEG 2 channels?

    Did Directv turn off MPEG 2 channels 70, 73, 75 this week? I can still receive channels 72, 74, 76 and 79 on my HR10 250 TIVO.