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    VIP722 power to fans & light strip

    So I have 2 USB cooling fans and a USB powered LED TV back light strip as part of my 722 setup. Problem is that the USB connector on the 722 is always on. With the fans constantly running and the TV backlight strip on 24/7 it is difficult to sleep in that room. I wish the 722 or my TV had a...
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    HD 200 Free?

    I currently have America's Top 200 plan for $54.99 and pay $10 extra for HD 200. I logged onto my account and under Available Channel section, there is a choice for "HD 200 Free". If I change my programming and select "HD 200 Free", do I save $10 and still get same exact programming? ...or...
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    501 remote with 722?

    I can get my old 501 platinum remote to work with my 722 in IR mode but is it possible to get it to work in UHF mode? I am always in single mode.