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    DISH retention offers

    Just called in since I lost my preferred customer discount. I called 1-888-496-1260 and the guy immediately knew why I was calling. Offered a locked in offer for 2 years or 12 months with $40 off and I went with that. Super easy and probably the best CS person I've ever dealt with there.
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    Guide Freezing On H3?

    Mine still does this after a factory reset. Only fix for me is to leave smaller test OFF on the Guide Settings. If I use Smaller Text, which we prefer, the guide locks up until I turn Larger Text on. Frustrating that a bug like this can still be going on since August.
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    My price lock about to end?

    They offered me $35 off a month for 12 months so I took that.
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    My price lock about to end?

    I'm well aware, but it's better than going to Hulu Live or Direct.
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    My price lock about to end?

    Mine just ended too and the price jumped $50. Planned to switch to Hulu Live but tested it for a few days and I hate it. I love Dish. I'll have to call loyalty or we'll just get new service in my wife's name. I'd hate to lose 10+ years of movies recorded.
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    I lost TBS in the 8th inning of the NLDS

    I wish I would have thought about trying the SD channel. I was so pissed off I didn't get to sleep until after 2am. I was trying two reboots, DishAnywhere, and finally when I got a link to stream it online it was over.
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    PQ Increase?

    Here I thought I was crazy!
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    Are there any Dirt members on line.

    I upgraded last week through Facebook. It was quick and easy.
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    Is Dish offering free Hoppe 3 upgrades

    10 year customer here and I went through the Dish Facebook page and got a free Hopper 3 upgrade with two year agreement. I added DPP so I didn't have to pay the $95 for a tech to come out.
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    Installation of Hopper 3 / Joey 2.0 next month

    Thanks for confirming! I didn't want to be up a creek when they came if I needed two lines ran for the Hopper3.
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    Installation of Hopper 3 / Joey 2.0 next month

    Hello all, In order to speed up the installation process next month I want to have all the cabling I need where I need it. I'm a bit confused on one thing. Right now I have a HWS and Joey in a basement media closet. There is only one RG6 from the attic where the dish is mounted on the roof...
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    Problem watching premium channel recordings from free preview.

    Just ran into this yesterday on an old recording of Willy Wonka the kids were watching. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DISH Hopper Carbon UI Testing Forum - PLEASE READ!

    Has anyone had remotes die using HWS and Joeys with CUI? Over the last year I've now had four remotes die all with the same symptoms. One day the onscreen message will read Battery Low, the next day it's dead. If I put new batteries in the Sat blinks opposite TV and Aux for about 5 times and...
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    Anyone else having recording problems from new software?

    Try partial reset. That seemed to work for me and I got all my timers back that were missing. At least for the last three days it has resolved my error creating timer issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New EPG Info data - strange

    I'm really fed up with my guide data as well. HWS here. I've had to recreate at least half my timers.
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    Received mail from Dish

    My secret gift was a month free of Epix.
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    Blank recordings on HWS and U224

    Where's that thread? I'm having the same issues on 2 - 3 recordings a week.
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    Carbon UI Issues Thread

    Is there any way to re-index timers? I'm really, REALLY tired of going in to either delete a timer and it deletes a totally different one, or going in to a timer, editing, going to priority and it shows up as a different timer in there. I've deleted all timers and reset every one up and I'm...
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    What is the CHEAPEST way to keep my Hopper w Sling?

    You can put your account on pause for up to 6 months I think and still view recordings on dvr/ehd, IF you have the dish still hooked up. Unfortunately pause won't work to keep watching recordings if the receiver is not hooked up to the dish still. Otherwise Welcome Pack is the cheapest package...
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    Flex Pack & Channel Packs Coming 8/4

    I didn't even talk to retention when I switched last week. I got it through chat without any hassles.