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    New Free Voice Remote

    I already had the original remote, which worked just fine. No need for a second "voice remote" that didn't work with voice... Rather than waste money sending out gimick remotes, I'd prefer it if Dish invested elsewhere, like a modern user interface, accurate guide contents, or a guide search...
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    dish voice remote Issue

    It's a shame that Dish wasted money sending them out and promoting them.
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    New Free Voice Remote

    Did not respond to voice commands.
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    dish voice remote Issue

    Never got mine to work. Tossed it out. Just got an email today urging me to try it. Too late... :)
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    Voice/Google Assistant doesn’t work

    I also got one. Never could get it to work. Threw it out.
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    New Free Voice Remote

    Got one mailed to me. Could not get it to work. Wasted an hour. Tossed it out.
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    Recieved free voice remote

    I got my free remote a while back. I could never get it to work, so I tossed it out. The Alexa skill works well to change channels, which is enough for me. I have an old Logitech remote that turns on my TV, receiver and audio system with one key, and lets me easily switch to Roku or DVD when...
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    Free voice remote upgrade for my Hopper 3!

    Got me free remote today. Set it up and voice doesn't work. Says 'listening' but does nothing. Put it in the drawer in case I lose a remote. Wasted my time and Dish's money....