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    Lnb low voltage

    Moisture getting into buried cable, cable in flooded conduit, bad splice, etc.
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    What the hell...I have to pay to cancel

    Bingo. That's the reflexive greed. Nothing more to be made here, let's put it all on the now-former customer to part ways. Even though they've been locked in battle with DTV for years with dueling 2-year "free" (or $400 gift card) deals to get new or returning subs, only to then re-treat them...
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    What the hell...I have to pay to cancel

    So do the wrong thing because it saves them money. Maybe if they had a local dealer they supported, the gear could have been picked up for a lot less. I'm sure this was behind their drive back in the late 90s to direct-sell and so generously mail along a "free self-install kit". Do they still do...
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    What the hell...I have to pay to cancel

    Why? I presume they're still in business, still installing gear that they end up demanding their customers uninstall and ship back to them, instead of simply doing a proper service call
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    Might have to cancel dish

    If there's any kind of negative credit reporting I would start calling authorities. The 2-year commitment, afaik, spells out an early-quitting cost that, as long as you pay it if you early-quit, your credit report should not be implicated.
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    What the hell...I have to pay to cancel

    If they own it and want it, and especially if it takes tools of any kind to uninstall it, they should send a servicer to collect it. People are having these same bogus customer service experiences in 2024 as they did in 2004!
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    What the hell...I have to pay to cancel

    I thought they sent prepaid boxes to collect *their* equipment. That would seem the least standard of service given that the alternative is collecting it via a service call. They've long insisted on getting back the LNBF off of the dish, which I've considered highly improper in that they're...
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    What’s keeping you guys with Dish Network…

    Numbered channels, hm, I remember the guy who insisted on channel # to be displayed on face of the receiver. A lot of cable boxes and C-band receivers did that. Dish is easy to stick with because the receiver doesn't break and the DVR is solid.
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    What is an “IRD?”

    "IRD" was actually expressed as IR/D, for Integrated Receiver/Decoder. Early (C-band) satellite systems (earlier 80s) were composed of a receiver and a positioner to move the dish, which could be a combo receiver/positioner. No decoder, or descrambler, until the late 80s. Once that (infamously)...
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    Name the companies with the worst CSR service.

    I remember back around when DiSH was starting up I looked up Echostar with the BBB, and a report out of Denver/Boulder said its president was a "Charles Egren" and that there had been numerous unresolved complaints. As to J. D. Power, it's not an award for good CSRs but rather customer...
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    Name the companies with the worst CSR service.

    DiSH set a gold standard back in the day.
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    "Could not reach DISH. Please try again".

    Man, I do not miss calling in to DiSH to deal with customer issues.
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    Auto Racing 2024

    I don't get to much. Last was I-500 in '08; was in the stands across from end of the pits and didn't even notice the exiting tangle with Danica for several seconds as I was watching pit action. Then saw her marching up the pit lane to confront her blindsider. This was the year of ethanol; the...
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    Echostar - Dish Network merger complete

    OK, so I go to mail in this share conversion, and it says there's an "insurance premium" of 17 cents per cert due on my lost certificates, with a $20 minimum payment, plus an $80 "processing fee". Is this legal? They didn't send me stock certs when the stock split, so why are they demanding I...
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    How things have changed

    Streaming's interesting. Tonight Netflix didn't have the obscure movie I was looking for but "referred" me to AMC+. Has anyone heard of that?
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    Traditional Providers Losses, 4th Quarter 2023 Edition

    I remember when DiSH was celebrating adding 100k for 5 mo. in a row. But that was as far as it went. Acknowledging the dealers for it? Not. No, they were in sell it, sell it, sell it mode. They were self-congratulatory. Fergit service. I called them and asked why they were running over the...
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    Netflix becomes home to all WWE content, including RAW, Smackdown, and live events

    There's movie recently out and still in some theaters about a real-life "wrestling family" in the 70s & 80s with 3 brothers who all "rassled" (The Iron Claw). There was dysfunction and a series of untimely deaths that suggested to some a "family curse". Early in the show, one of the bros...
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    OTA Question?

    Right, but dish's own techs they send out to compete against dealers won't even set foot on a roof.
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    What’s the difference between “cloud DVR” and “on demand?”

    If you're saying cloud DVR can record "everything including locals," how does one go about getting it? Is it part of an online-provided multichannel service (which?) or available as an app one can apply to their current TV viewing such as cable/sat, offair & streaming?
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    Netflix 4th Quarter

    Heard they just bought WWE Raw for $500,000,000.00/year.
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    Should you buy an antenna from a drug store?

    Interesting that an online service such as Pluto would, apparently, trojan-horse its way into homes by hooking up with a consumer products maker to produce a product that is insinuated to be a TV antenna and thus shelved with indoor antennae in stores, but is actually a wi-fi converter. At least...
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    Bonus view classics fast channels new on the hopper 3

    Can they be gotten without hopper, or without sat?
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    OTA channels are constantly searching for signal

    I thought DiSH doesn't go on roofs.
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    Echostar - Dish Network merger complete

    I guess "buy & hold" wasn't such a great idea with DiSH.