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    Whole House DVR Clarification

    Hi Guys, I currently have 1 TV with an HR24-500 and want to add a second TV in the basement AND upgrade to a Genie system. I have read SEVERAL threads here that advise people to keep their HR24 vs. going to the Genie Minis. I like this approach as it gives me extra tuners and does not force me...
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    Free Genie Upgrade?

    Hi All, I've had DirecTV service for 2.5 years now and have the pre-Genie receiver. I have read on here of some people getting free Genie upgrades - is there some secret phrase you have to say on the phone with customer service to get this? I have not called to inquire on upgrade pricing yet...
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    Costco Rebate - How does it arrive?

    I signed up for DirecTV last week using the Costco web site in order to get the $180 rebate. So has anybody actually received the rebate? How long did it take and was there a way to check on it? I am a little concerned because I have received nothing from Costco on this - is that typical? The...
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    Fees to Change Programming

    I am switching back to DirecTV and am assembling my package and have questions about fees they may charge in the future when I try to remove the "free" offers they include. Does DirecTV charge a fee to change programming to remove premium channels, Sunday Ticket or to change base packages? The...