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    Saving Recordings On DVR625

    Dam it all to hell:rant: Can't play back any recorded stuff either( error code 005 ). I have found the important stuff being replayed at a later date though so I'm recording it on the other DVR625. All is good.:popcorn Thanks for the quick reply.
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    Saving Recordings On DVR625

    I have a DVR625 that is probably dying. There is a USB port on the back. How do I, or can I save the recorded programs before the tech comes and replaces it? Thanks; Floyd
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    Remote - Other Devices Codes

    Thanks for the quick reply. All they list is the VIP508 and VIP722 Code 720 didn't work. Scanning doesn't get it either. I guess we'll just have to continue using the remote for that TV to turn it on and off and adjust volume. No big deal, it's in the spare bedroom.
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    Remote - Other Devices Codes

    So I have an old( 6 years ) 301 and remote. I have a Best Buy INSIGNIA Flat Screen. Anybody have any idea what device code to enter to get the remote to work with it? TV - Insignia NS-LCD32-09 Remote - 3.1 IR My manual is old so I checked on Dish Network support and no Insignia TVs listed. Thanks;
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    Solid V Stranded wire

    Thanks; That sounds better.:)
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    Solid V Stranded wire

    Over in the Cable Run thread: There is mention of solid wire having less resistance. I have heard this before around here and for some reason; I thought that stranded wire had less resistance. Something about more...
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    Need advice in setting up diplexer with my media server and sat signal

    In your first wiring diagram: The top diplexer needs to be flipped over. The coax from the dish goes to the SAT connection. The IN connection goes down to the IN connection of the lower diplexer. The TV connection on the upper diplexer goes to the Other TV. Try looking at the pic in this post...
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    does a VCR work on Tuner 2?

    ++ I concur. This is exactly how mine is set up. Works fine, lasts a long time.
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    AVS 5811 Rf Trans/Rcvr

    I have a spare output on my DPP44, So 200 feet to the shop/man cave would just be a coax run? Outdoors, through the trees. Any special kind?
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    AVS 5811 Rf Trans/Rcvr

    Anybody familiar with these? Are they any good. 200 feet through a few walls. RF Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio/Video Sys.W/IR Repeater - eBay (item 120414427133 end time May-31-09 05:52:44 PDT)
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    Hello and so many questions

    Does your name ArcLite have anything to do with B52s?
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    RF signal splitting

    Look at this post and diagram. I watch everything from both DVRs on both TVs.
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    Dish DVR 625 and Dish 500 "dish"

    Do you have a separator attached to the 625? One coax from the dish to the separator.? Two lines from sparator to 625 inputs?
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    Use diplexers to share two receiver signals?

    Yes it is always better to have a separate coax if feasible. Goofed on initial construction and only had one coax to the bedroom. Someday I will snake another through that wall.
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    Use diplexers to share two receiver signals?

    Take a look at this; May give you some ideas what can be done. Diplexers are for combining SAT and UHF/VHF signals to go thru one coax. Then another Diplexer at the other end to split them...
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    how do i hook up the diplexers to add a second tv.

    If you are just adding a second TV, you don't need Diplexers. Just run a cable from the TV2 out to the second TV. Should be some diagrams in your 625 manual. If you just have to use Diplexers, look here...
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    Cross Feed tuners

    Did this with 2 DVR625s. Takes a combination of Splitters and Diplexers. See it here.
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    Stacking Diplexers - Update

    From my previous thread. After getting advice here, talk with Claude at the DishStore and more thought; I stacked Splitters with my Diplexers and it works.:) Well it seems that Stacking Splitters and...
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    Adding a third receiver to Dish 1000.2

    Well hell. Pardon me for playing.:D;) Got a constructive suggestion? That doesn't involve me doing strange things.
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    Adding a third receiver to Dish 1000.2

    Both of your current two lines should be going to a separator for each dual tuner dvr. You can put a splitter ahead of one of these separators and run the second output of the splitter to your basement, to the separator( for dual tuner ) or the input to the basement box.