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  1. stonecold

    New Customers : Remember to Cancel NFL Sunday Ticket!

    For all of you customer who signed up to Directv and received the NFL Sunday Ticket Free with your sub. Now is the time to cancel it and cancel it now. Do not wait you will forget, this is something directv wants you to do. Your Free NFL Sunday Ticket auto renews so remove it now.
  2. stonecold

    Stonecold Radio

    Yes after a long downtime and not enough time on my hands with this new job Stonecold Radio is back. New machine more horsepower and well more music. There were some things I put on the side burner that are going to come up in the following months. Just a highlight of whats comming...
  3. stonecold

    Stonecold Fired effective today

    Guys It been my greatest honor helping you all and I will continue to try and help you out the best ways I know how. But The company I work for deiced they no longer wanted my help . I will still be here and I will still help you all out . though this time with out the help of my...
  4. stonecold

    More HD 7/27

    4 channels of HD will come live on 7/27 as currently slated 3 of cinemax 520 521 523 HBO 505 HBO2 west Also the Max2go iphone/ipad/andriod app will be out 08/1/11
  5. stonecold

    Number of Receivers vs Whole Home

    There is no official limit on the number of receivers I have personally dealt with accounts that have had over 27 receivers on them . The 15 receiver limit is a limitation of Deca adapters and MRV content server. While it can only handle so many devices per MRV Network . I hope this puts...
  6. stonecold

    2011 NFLST regular season prices

    This is not Earlybird pricing 1 payment of 334.95 or 5 payments of 66.99
  7. stonecold

    Programing Alert Football on Christmas

    Just an FYI Dallas @ Arizona will be played at 7pm est on channel 212 on Christmas. We have customers call in about the game not showing up on the Sunday Ticket Channels and this is the reason. So NFL network 212 @ 7pm
  8. stonecold

    To Dish TSR Staff

    I wrote an open letter to you all to welcome you to satellite guys. I put it in our "warzone" as while there nothing against Dish in the letter some think anything I say here is "flame bait". But here a link to my welcome letter to you...
  9. stonecold

    HBO and Cinemax are now have Ondemand (SD Only )

    Ondemand has arrived for HBO and Cinemax currently only in SD but hopefully HD content will come. HBO ondemand channel 1501 Cinemax Ondemand Channel 1515 You must have a R22/HR2x series receiver and be connected to the internet via deca/wireless / Ethernet
  10. stonecold

    Live Q&A in Chat 12/13

    I am holding Stonecold Chat in the Sat Guys chat room today come in pop open a beer and ask me anything. I be answering questions till 5pm EST.
  11. stonecold

    Whole home upgrade price jump 99 to 199

    Got into work this morning and the first thing I saw is the price jump whole home went from 99 for existing customer to 199. I really just dont know what to say other then wow.
  12. stonecold

    out of office for the next 2 weeks.

    Sorry everyone do to high demand I have not been here much lately and wont get another chance to really spend time helping you all out as DTV has me extra busy and thenI have my normal day job to do so it has keep me pack I will be back asap and try to keep answering everyone questions slowly...
  13. stonecold

    Dear Dish get a life!

    Dear Dish Network, I was a customer of yours for many years and after the reciever price hike I decided having my Internationals (tvjapan) was just not worth the cost of keeping 2 services. But I do find it insulating that your winback agents try to hard sell me then spread half truths...
  14. stonecold

    Account Stacking V.S. Vacation Residence

    Directv has a pretty thin line between Account Stacking and Vacation Residence Directv Does allow you to have a 2nd box installed at a vacation residence with out having the need for a 2nd account. But! 1. The service is considered one or the other, as in everyone has to be at the...
  15. stonecold

    NFL ST Sept 12 Schedule

    Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00 pm 704 Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills 1:00 pm 705 Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 1:00 pm 706 Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00 pm 707 Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans 1:00 pm 708 Cincinnati Bengals at New...
  16. stonecold

    Stonecold is a bias jerk!

    There seems to be alot of dead horse beating. Some of it has roots of a true complaint just taken and distorted to fit that personal reality , or just random things about free upgrades that we do with out having to fight for. Then there is me stuck in the middle , on one side i still...
  17. stonecold

    Former Dish Net / New Customers Read This

    Ok to make you DTV experience all that it should be lets go over a few basics. 1. Your promo pricing requires you spend 5 minutes on and do the rebate submission. The Rebates will apply a credit to your bill each month giving you the promotional rate. 2. Free HD for...
  18. stonecold

    Slow Remote Function Try this.

    Built into the remotes is a id system. the remote sends extra info to the reciver like its model number it battery strength etc Which on some boxes cause it to respond slowly to remote commands. Follow these steps to disable the extra info it may or maynot help. Press and hold “Mute.”...
  19. stonecold

    How to get a HR24

    Stop complaining about how your free HDDVR is not a HR24 it was given to you for FREE. Again I repeat FREE. But I tell you how to get one. Go to Solid Signal, Dish Store , Weaknees And go pay 199 and get your hr24. The end. We on the phones can not and do not have cany...
  20. stonecold

    Froyo for HTC Hero (CDMA)

    I been running this rom since about the last week + very stable not everything perfect yet voice input driver hasto be worked on and camera only currently half works ( it will take a picture but wont show preview ) This is currently fixed by using 3rd party camera app like camera magic...