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  1. shodobe

    Tennis Channel

    This just recently showed up on my list. Why?
  2. shodobe

    OTA question

    Never really thought about this until the other day I was perusing the menu and came across the app for OTA or something like that. When I opened it up it stated something to the effect I needed some USB dongle or something to use this. So what is it I need to get the OTA channels on the Hopper?
  3. shodobe

    Sling Issue

    I bought this item last year thinking I would be able to access my DVR remotely. Since then I have been able to use it ONCE! Yes, I went through the setup and reconnected through my router and such with the sequence that everyone says to do. My question is this, why do you have to continue...
  4. shodobe

    Showtime Promo

    My wife thought she saw a promo for Showtime for 6 months for $5. Is this correct or is she having flights of fancy? Thanks
  5. shodobe

    DVR Folders

    Can you set up folders that you cantransfer items into? I know if you record multiple shows from the same series they will go into one folder. What about movies? Instead of 10 or 20 movies showing up in your DVR how about one folder to put them in. Any chance? Thanks
  6. shodobe

    Universal Sports

    Can't seem to find this anywhere on my channels. I do sub to the Blockbuster stuff so it should be there.
  7. shodobe

    Sling problems

    Why does it have to be so hard to connect remotely to your Sling? I can connect once every 20-30 times. I can watch movies on the Dishanywhere website but trying to access my DVR is totally frustratin. Talking with tech support gets me no where, so any thoughts on why I am having so much...
  8. shodobe

    Fox Sports 1

    Are we getting this when it launches?
  9. shodobe

    EHD DVR question

    New Hopper and want to restore EHD recordings back to the DVR like I was able to do with my 622. Can you still do this or? Be in a world of hurt if your EHD was having problems and you needed to save what was on it. Thanks
  10. shodobe

    Sling Adapter problem

    I have the sling adapter for the Hopper. I have never really been able to use it in the time I have had it, 6 weeks. I recently added the app to my android and I can connect with no problem. It always has a DVR error and can't connect using my laptop. I tried turning off my firewall just to see...
  11. shodobe

    Sling Problem

    I bought a Sling just before leaving on vacation with the intenet to use it remotely. The problem is it doesn't connect most of the time and it is frustrating. I know my internet connection is excellent so it isn't on my end. The error I get is to check that my DVR is on. The Hopper shuts it's...
  12. shodobe

    Sling Adapter

    Just got a sling and in setting it up I was wondering about noy only accessing my DVR but also my EHD. Is this possible? If so how do I go about it. Thanks
  13. shodobe

    Streaming to computer

    Went to BB@home and wanted to know where the movies for streaming to my computer are so I could browse. I'll never have DVDs sent to my home but want to watch on my puter when far from home. Any help/ thanks
  14. shodobe

    Adding Components`

    Where do you get info on how to add compoments, such as a DVD player to your remote. Thanks
  15. shodobe

    hopper Favorite Question

    I just got the Hopper and was setting up my favorites and everything was going well until I tried to add a station and it will not add. I can add the SD version but not the RD version. I had an extra List and it added to it with no problem. I just can't figure out why it won't add to the List I...
  16. shodobe

    EHD to Hopper

    I have a EHD that has a number of items on it and was wonderingwhen I go to plug it into my new Hopper will I have to format it again thus losing all my recorded programs? Thanks
  17. shodobe

    Hopper Updates

    Looking at upgrading to the Hopper but after reading so many stories about so many issues not so sure for now. Why is it that alot of people have diferent issues and not necessarily the same everywhere? There's issues with hard lockups, recording issues, signal problems and others. Is this all...
  18. shodobe


    So when they come out to install how will they do it. I know the Hopper is the base station and the Joeys are the satellites, so to speak. How is everything connected? One cable in to the Hopper and then two out to each Joey? Just curious. Thanks
  19. shodobe

    Is it worth upgrading to the new Hopper?

    I was looking at upgrading to the hopper and was quoted by 3 different reps for $50 and free installation. None of them said there was a price difference between the sling loaded and the non-slingloaded until I just read this. So is the $150 diference really worth it or getting the regular sling...
  20. shodobe

    Interface Upgrade?

    Is there any chance that Dish would upgrade the interface for recievers other than the Hopper that would put them on par with the Hopper in looks and ease of use? This is for those who might not want to upgrade to the Hopper. It seems we have been stuck with the same old tiresome look for way to...