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  1. hehdaddy

    Getting UK TV in the US

    Does anyone know if there is a satellite service where I could get UK TV in the US? -k
  2. hehdaddy

    Satellite Service for UK TV

    Hi there. Is there any satellite services in the US where I could receive UK programming? Cheers!
  3. hehdaddy

    VOOM and Dolans Team Up With George Lucas

    VOOM Wars - Episode III - The Return of SD (hee hee)
  4. hehdaddy

    CSR told buddy that Dish is buying VOOM

    Sorry to open this can of worms again, but a CSR yesterday told a buddy of mine that Dish was buying VOOM and that their HD content was going to get big (at least the size of VOOM). Is the CSR on dope? Discuss.. :)
  5. hehdaddy

    ExtremeTech 921 Review - Mentions SatelliteGuys

    Forgive me if this is old news. Has some great pictures of the guts...,1558,1630593,00.asp Cheers...
  6. hehdaddy

    Is it just me?

    I am a fairly new Dish customer and I joined this forum to keep up on what's going on. Is it just me or does it seem like this forum is mostly negative? It gets kinda depressing actually. Does Dish really stink that bad? It's a little ironic. I am writing a post that is negative about...
  7. hehdaddy

    VOOM Deserter - Reconsidering

    Hi all. I admit it. I was a knee-jerk VOOM deserter. Within after 24hrs of having an awful installation experience, I called VOOM and cancelled. I received a prompt refund of my $800 and I have been running Dish since then. No HD.. :( My cousin VewDew stuck with VOOM and now is...
  8. hehdaddy

    Dish 322 UDF Remote and TiVo

    Dish 322 UHF Remote and TiVo Hi there. I have a Dish 322, two room system. In the second room I have a TiVo. I need to control the 322 but the second remote is only UHF. Is there something out there that will convert my TiVo's IR to a UHF signal that the 322 can understand?? Or am I...
  9. hehdaddy

    Wireless 2nd Room with TIVO?

    Hi there. I have a 322 two room system. My second room cannot be easily wired. I was thinking about using a 2.4ghz wireless video transmitter from the 322 to my TIVO in the second room, and also use a IR to UHF transmitter to get commands from my TIVO to the 322. Am I smoking crack? The...