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    Saving Recordings On DVR625

    I have a DVR625 that is probably dying. There is a USB port on the back. How do I, or can I save the recorded programs before the tech comes and replaces it? Thanks; Floyd
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    Remote - Other Devices Codes

    So I have an old( 6 years ) 301 and remote. I have a Best Buy INSIGNIA Flat Screen. Anybody have any idea what device code to enter to get the remote to work with it? TV - Insignia NS-LCD32-09 Remote - 3.1 IR My manual is old so I checked on Dish Network support and no Insignia TVs listed. Thanks;
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    Solid V Stranded wire

    Over in the Cable Run thread: There is mention of solid wire having less resistance. I have heard this before around here and for some reason; I thought that stranded wire had less resistance. Something about more...
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    AVS 5811 Rf Trans/Rcvr

    Anybody familiar with these? Are they any good. 200 feet through a few walls. RF Link AVS-5811 5.8GHz Audio/Video Sys.W/IR Repeater - eBay (item 120414427133 end time May-31-09 05:52:44 PDT)
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    Stacking Diplexers - Update

    From my previous thread. After getting advice here, talk with Claude at the DishStore and more thought; I stacked Splitters with my Diplexers and it works.:) Well it seems that Stacking Splitters and...
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    Movie Transfere 625<-->625

    Any way to get movies from one DVR to the other?
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    Stacking Dioplexers?

    For clarity My Dioplexers are physically constructed with two connections on one side and one connection on the other side. The two connections on one side I will call INPUT connections. The one connection on the other side I will call OUTPUT connections. The Dioplexers have two input...
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    DVR625 On End

    Just got one( we can't get HD Satelite here, too many trees ). So just to be sure, can I stand it on end with no problems? Thanks; Floyd
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    Coax Cable Length

    I've got an out building/garage/shop out back. At least 100' Can I get a signal at that coax length off my DPP44?
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    Back Feeding Signal

    I have two coax( actually 3 but I'm only concerned with 2 ) coming from my dish through a DPP44. One line feeds my DVR625 The other is for a second TV in the bedroom. In the main room I have the TV2 output from my DVR 625 and the second Coax going into a Diplexer. The single coax from the...
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    Dish Upgrade For HD?

    I currently have Dish 500 with DPP Twin into a DPP 44 If I get a DVR 722; Do I need to upgrade the dish for HD? Do I need to upgrade the dish if I don't care about getting HD? Maybe I should just buy another 625? Thanks.
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    DVR 625 #1 No Picture

    All I get on TV1 is sound, the guide and Dish stuff but no picture when I try to watch a show or even a recorded show. Just sound:confused: Any ideas. Please
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    625 on end?

    Will it work sitting on end rather than flat? Thanks
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    Hookup For 2 625's

    Just want to get some opinions on whether this will work. As my sig says; I have Dish500-->DPPTwin-->DPP44 From the DPP44 #1 goes to power inserter and 301 upstairs #2 goes to separator to both inputs on 625 down stairs(LV) #3 goes to 301 down stairs.(BR) #3 Before going to the 301, this...
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    Thank Claude; It Works

    As you can see from this thread I've been trying to combine a separate feed from my DPP44 with the Modulated TV2 output from a 625 to feed a second TV in another room and not having much luck. So I talked to Claude at because...
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    AB Switch on TV2 Output

    I have a DVR 625 in the living room on its own feed from the DPP44 using the separator. The 625 is almost always in single mode. I have a 301 in the bedroom on its own feed from the DPP44. On those very rare occasions when I may want to watch a movie recorded on the 625 on the TV in the...
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    Update-DPP44 and Power Inserter

    Update to this thread. Where the DPP44 Power Inserter was connected between the upstairs 301 and Port 1. I just redid the connections on my DPP44. I now have Port 1 --> Separator --> DVR625 downstairs in the living room Port 2 --> 301...
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    Great Instal

    Of course I went thru a local guy so I didn't have to deal with Dish CSR's. I had Dish 500, DP Twin and Dish 301 x 2. Already had 4 coax running into the house from the dish location. Now I have Dish 500, DPP Twin, DPP44( future proofing, I hope ) Dish 301 x 2 and DVR625. All three recievers...
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    Dpp 44

    DVR 625 and 301 Using a DP Plus Twin LNB with the DP44 switch. Is the power inserter module needed? I was under the impression that the DP44 was powered from the receiver.
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    Quicky - DP34/DP44

    Can you feed two tuners( with separator) from each of the 4 outputs on these or does only the DP44 allow this? Thanks