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  1. migold

    Dish, etc info from 1993-1994

    Cleaning out my garage, I have found brochures for satellite equipment from the early 1990's, when I was in business. Information includes the following, if you need a copy, I can scan and email: ProBrand International - (Superjack HQ series of actuators). VonWeise Actuators. Drake ESR series...
  2. migold

    X SQUARE DVB-S2 M1/HD Review

    I purchased the X SQUARE DVB-S2 M1/HD from Amazon. X2 SAT markets a receiver model M1 that only does DVB-S. Now, this model is available with the DVB-S2 tuning. This is a low priced satellite receiver, and yet it has many features. The User Screens on this unit are very similar to the X2...
  3. migold

    X2 Premium Mini HD Review

    I purchased the X2 Premium Mini HD from Amazon. This is a low priced satellite receiver, and yet it has many features. I have not tested all the features, but I will report on what I have seen so far. I had hoped to use this to stream video over my WiFi to my Android 4.1 Netbook. This...
  4. migold

    Who can Post Reviews?

    I have purchased a X2 Premium Mini HD and have written a short review of my experience with it. Apparently, I do not have posting privileges in the Review Forum. I can send the review to someone who has privileges, if I have instructions. Thanks,
  5. migold

    AZBOX Premium Plus Power Supply Repair

    I have repaired 2 of the Premium Plus HD Power Supplies, rated output: 12V...5000ma & 24V...1000ma. These are not difficult to repair, IF you are PROFICIENT at soldering on SMD PCBs. Anyone who wants details on the repair procedure or the parts that fail, just send me a PM and I will send...
  6. migold

    AZBOX mini-Me problem

    I need some help with my mini-Me. It turns itself off, and I can not find an option or setting to correct this. I can turn it on with either the remote or the button on the STB. It will receive correctly. Then after a period of time that varies from a couple of minutes to over an hour, the...
  7. migold

    Too MANY ADS!!!

    I paid my PUB membership!!!! Why am I seeing ALL THESE ADS??????????????????????????
  8. migold

    AZBOX AZBoxEdit Program Help needed.

    I have downloaded my channel list from my AZBox to the program. When I try to edit the service name, I get a window that says: Run-time error '6': Overflow I click OK and the program terminates. What do I need to do to get the program to edit? Are there some instructions for the use of the...
  9. migold

    AZBOX Premium Plus HD - Need help with WIFI

    I did a 'NO-NO', I think. I made some changes in Maz and downloaded and the receiver became unstable. I reloaded the firmware, 9.4502, and still was unstable so I did reformat the application area. Of course, now I need all my setting replaced. I have the files, but I cannot get the wireless...
  10. migold

    Import Azbox '.dat' file to MS Excel?

    Does anyone know of a method to import/export the AZBox '.dat' files to either MS Excel or Access? Thanks!
  11. migold

    4DTV W5 using offset LNBF

    I have success using an offset C/Ku-band LNBF to receive 4DTV from W5 @ 105W on my stationary dish aimed at 99W. I mounted the LNBF using 2" pipe hangers, planning to mount the LNBF using a scalar when I had the position maximized. The results are good and the reception is perfectly...
  12. migold

    Azbox recording question

    I have an Azbox Premium Plus with 2 tuners and internal 1TB Hard drive. One tuner is dedicated, presently, to a C-band dish. The other tuner is dedicated to Ku-band. Now, my question is: Can I record a program from each tuner simultaneously? I would really like to know if anyone has tried...
  13. migold

    Verify KTEL on 79W?

    I am not seeing KTEL Telemundo 11900 on 79W. Usually it came in for me, not strong, but good. Since I am not seeing it, I am wondering if my dish is slightly off. This is close to my true south, so I use it for alignment check. Thanks!
  14. migold

    103W AMC-1 Ku 11760 activity - Can anyone confirm my reception?

    I notice that there is activity on 11760 with a Q of 67% with my LNBF set for NORMAL SKEW. I also noticed signal on 11880 with Q of 62%, but dropping to 0% periodically in what seems to be a regular pattern. I have never been able to get these signals previously with my skew setting. This is...
  15. migold

    Have AZBox problem - need some help.

    We had a short power interruption and since then I can not get satellite reception. I have tried REBOOT and shutting off the power switch, but I cannot get satellite reception. The unit reboots and shows 'YOUTUBE'. I do not use YOUTUBE, never have and do not have any internet connection to...
  16. migold

    Need help, changing out receivers...

    I have a Pansat 9200HD, set up with 90cm dish on a DG380 motor. It is tracking the arc successfully. Now, I have an AZBox Premium Plus to install in place of the Pansat. I do not anticipate any problems, except I am not sure how to handle the motor position when I do the change. Should I set...
  17. migold

    Difficulty with DVB-S2 8PSK reception.

    I have good reception of DVB-S across the arc from 125 W to 72 W. I receive the PBS HD on 125 W with no problem. I have 90 CM GeoSatPro Dish on DG380, 0.3 db LNBF, Pansat 9200HD. I purchased the Pansat used and it came with 8PSK module, I think is the Illuminati model. I have not been able...
  18. migold

    Confirm RTN on AMC3?

    Tracksat shows Retro TV Network on AMC3, 3800 H & 4080 H, DVB-S2-8PSK, 29125 5/6. Can someone confirm these? Thanks!
  19. migold

    KTWO Active?

    I was not receiving KTWO on G18 Ku 123W this past weekend. Is anyone else receiving this? Maybe they have changed SR?:confused:
  20. migold

    2-in-1 LNB Feed Mount for C-Band

    I see a 2-in-1 C-Band Feed Mount in the magazine article at '' This is manufactured in Indonesia. It is used to receive 2 satellites, 5 degrees apart, perhaps it would work for 4 degree separation... I would like to know if anyone...