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  1. sat4soris

    CE's for Weekend Before Spring 3/16

    Downloading 05BE on HR24
  2. sat4soris

    CE's for the Weekend of 10.21

    I had to reset my H25 about 4 or 5 times to get it to take, but finally did. Working great. Seems very fast. HR22 and HR24 took right away no problem.
  3. sat4soris

    Costco Rebate - How does it arrive?

    Had Directv install a week ago Tuesday and my Costco rebate card came the following Monday by FEDEX. Love it.
  4. sat4soris

    CE's for the Weekend of 9.30

    HR22 and HR24 done. Love the new graphics and speed. Noticed some irregularity when changing picture format but corrects itself when turned off the on. Checking it out further.
  5. sat4soris

    superdish question

    A DP34 switch is necessary to see all satellites from a superdish purchased from E*. (one of its dealers if you can find someone who has them) A DP34 switch comes with the SD kit. You can build your own superdish as some have done and could use a SW64 with a SW21.
  6. sat4soris

    New 811 problem

    I had this same problem a couple of months ago. Called tech support and they had me unplug the receiver for a minute or so and plug it back in. Fixed the problem and it hasn't shown up again. Hope it works for you.
  7. sat4soris

    How to combine Horizontal & Vetical outputs from Prime*

    It doesn't work with the outputs from the primstar H/V lnb into the sw21 to get both polarities. Run the H/V feeds into a sw64 and then it will work. :)
  8. sat4soris

    More networks in HD on Dish?

    Alan Gordon wrote: Yes, you would receive the CBSHD feed. :) :)
  9. sat4soris

    A Poor Mans SuperDish Setup

    I've got a primestar dish with this LNB (it is the LNB that is used on the DirectWay PC I believe) attached to a primestar or starband feed. The LNB was $29 or $39. It is feeding into a sw21 #2 port with a feed from a sw64 into the...
  10. sat4soris

    How much futher west is the 105 sat comparied to the 110?

    For Sacramento your compass heading would be about 139 for the 105 Satellite.
  11. sat4soris

    Building your own "superdish"

    I put an old primestar feed and LNB on a starband dish, ran the V pol output to sat 2 of a SW21 and got a lock on 105 with a signal strength of 70. Only a few odd transponders showed any reading. I ordered this LNBF today and will try to...
  12. sat4soris

    Building your own "superdish"

    This is a new LNB that Eagle/Aspen makes. Do you suppose one could mount this LNB to a PrimeStar or Starband feed and get it to work for 105?
  13. sat4soris

    SuperDisc Alternative

    How do I identify a FSS KU LNB as opposed to a Ku LNB. I tried the sw21 connection to a primestar dual connector LNB but didn't get anything to show up on 105. Is this one? I'm thinking of trying to mount this on the arm of the primestar feed arm...