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  1. chicagonettech

    FCC Supports Dish Network Plan to Compete with Wireless Giants

    Title should read FCC BACKS Dish Network Plan to Compete with Wireless Giants - wishful thinking in my own mind, I guess . . . Scott: Please correct title for me, thanks! From the Washington Post: The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday proposed to greenlight Dish...
  2. chicagonettech


    Since the WHAT STATION DO YOU WANT thread only allows for one station to be listed and not genres, I would like to suggest this post as what we would like to have as ELECTIVE or ELIMINATE without specifically requesting in a package. Let me start by stating we never watch sports channels and...
  3. chicagonettech

    Hopper and Joey Now on eBay!

    For anyone who wants to purchase and self-install Hopper and Joey they are now on eBay. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT the seller! dish hopper | eBay
  4. chicagonettech

    Will Dish Advertise The Hopper During the Superbowl

    Will Dish Advertise the new Hopper / Joey offering, possibly with pricing, during the Super Bowl?
  5. chicagonettech

    Is Dish Network the Next Group to Go After T-Mobile?

    It had to happen sooner or later and the speculation has hit the press. in today's edition of V2M, Craig Galbraith speculates that perhaps T-Mobile would be the spectrum that Charlie needs to complete his wireless dream. In fact, he goes beyond speculation that "CEO Joseph Clayton says his...
  6. chicagonettech

    ESPN Looking for 70% Increase in 2012 Negotiatinos

    According to a report in today's New York Post, ESPN is looking to up fees to carry their programming by up to 70% as they re-negotiate their contracts with providers. "ESPN agreed to a whopping 70 percent increase to keep “Monday Night Football” on the cable sports network, paying a reported...
  7. chicagonettech


    I have been corresponding with Dish Network's sales tax department, via e-mail, since the beginning of April, 2011, regarding sales taxes on our account. Prior to that I called several times - to no avail, and also PM'd one of the reps who responds on this site, all to no avail. Either I got...
  8. chicagonettech

    TCM HD 132

    First is was audio dropouts on TCM's HD feed - 132, on WA, Sat 129. They would last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Aggravating, but to be expected with Dish's exceptional history of excellent customer dis-service and low prices. Now, tonite, during the 31 days of Oscar, signal...
  9. chicagonettech

    Cable and TV2 Combination

    We have dumped AT&T and Vonage for voice services in our house. We have also dumped AT&T for their DSL because it crashed every day, the modem had to be reset on a regular basis, and the passwords were always loosing sync with the AT&T servers and we had to endure a couple of hours a week...
  10. chicagonettech

    SIRIUS User Since Day 1 - CANCELLED!

    We just closed our SIRIUS XM account - permanently. When Sirius satellite radio started we were one of their first subscribers. We had the opportunity to purchase a $450.00 LIFETIME subscription, but the other half was skeptical about how much we would use it and whether they would even...