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    WCCB Charlotte Gone?

    Is anyone else having issues with WCCB's OTA signal not being there? I normally receive 18-5 (CW), 18-6 (Antenna), 18-7 (MeTV), and 18-8 (QVC). I am not getting anything currently. I am not sure if something happened to the transmitters or what. Thanks!
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    DirecTv and Sam's Club

    I want to switch to DirecTv. Has anyone used the Sam's Club discount? Can you get the discount through or do you have to go through the club or call? Can it be stacked with the promos and a referral discount? Thanks
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    Display Problem

    I have an odd issue with my 622. Sometimes, none of displays from Dish Network will show, the guide or info for example. The channels work. Everything seems like it is working but I have to reset to get the DN information to show again. Anyone else had a similar issue?
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    Dish Network Being Human

    Did anyone enter the Being Human contest on the Dish Network website after the show last night? At 10pm, when the show ended, the counteddown to the question went from 0 back to 6+ days. At 11pm, the question came up but the answer I selected (which was correct) was wrong according to the site...
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    622 Ticking

    My 622 froze and started ticking this evening. I unplugged the receiver and after resetting everything seems to be ok now. Has anyone had this problem before? Is this the beginning of a bigger issue? Thanks for any insight.
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    Exchange Receiver for DVR

    I have a standard 2nd receiver. I called customer service and asked if I could exchange this receiver for a standard DVR receiver. The CSR told me it would cost $25 for them to ship it. I have to ship the other back at my expense. I would also have to agree to a 2 year commitment. Does this...
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    VIP622 and Netgear

    Does anyone use a Netgear wall-plugged ethernet bridge connected to a 622? I am considering one and was wanting to know if it was worth it. My internet connections are in another room.