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  1. wolfman

    Comcast Sportsnet Chicago HD

    Is anyone having problems with the CSN HD feed? Everytime I have watched it the picture is constantly breaking up. No problems with other HD or SD channels. Maybe a MPEG-4 glitch?:confused:
  2. wolfman

    H-20 600 Cooling Fan

    For anyone interested in cooling off there H-20 600 this really works. Read my post there (wolfman730) as to how I did mine.
  3. wolfman

    Pixelation - MPEG-4 (Chicago Locals)

    Is anyone experiencing slight pix-elation problems on MPEG-4 channels now and then?
  4. wolfman

    Free Upgrade to MPEG-4??

    I called D* today and according to a supervisor I spoke to it's $99 for the 5LNB dish and H-20 receiver plus they want your old HD unit. He offered it for $49, but I didn't want to give up my Sony HD-200. Another thing he told me is can only get one upgrade and since I have an HR-10 250 I want...
  5. wolfman

    Connecting two component inputs to one TV

    Connecting two component outputs to one TV I have a Mitsubishi 55" HD Tv and was wondering if there is a device that can combine component outputs from 2 HD receivers into one component output. The TV does not have a DVI or HDMI input. Thanks for any Info.
  6. wolfman & Mack Warranty

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had any dealings with or the Mack extended warranty for big screen TV's. Thanks
  7. wolfman

    D* Website

    I would like to get some opinions on what you think about the D* website. I personally think it stinks. It would be nice if they would do a better job on updating it and keep current subscribers informed of what is going on. I know they may not be able to give exact dates etc. but it would be...