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    SAMI Satellite dishs , gone out of Business,dammmmm

    I have used orbetron,among a few others brands I was kinda shocked to see Sami is out of buiness,glad I bought a few extras for my 10 footer before they went belly up.Not sure if anyone makes affordable dishs anymore..............TT
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    Openbox 10 Review 87w & 103W and Feeds (Old Time Tv}

    Just set up my Openbox 10 and had problems turning on and shutting off unit. A older Firmware fixed that problem that I found on the net.. I was even thinking maybe I should have bought the Newest Pansat Hd but I am glad I didnot. For $99 and free shipping I think I got a decent deal. I am...
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    OpenBox Problems with Shutting receiver Off and ON(picture stays on}

    I just bought a openbox 10 Problem I am having is when I shut of the receiver with the remote off. I am unable to turn the receiver back on with the remote. I have to shut the receiver off and on from the back switch,,,and when I do shut the receiver off with the remote the front of the receiver...
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    Upgrading to a OPENBOX 10 ??????(DVB-S2}

    I have a Ilink9500HD,SV8000,Ilink 9000P, Nfusion HD and a X-factor and happy with them I was thinking of Getting a Openbox 10 I have been reading that the receivers that I have don't get DVB-S2 ??? But the Openbox will get DVB-S2 and HD that my other receivers cannot get? I have been looking...