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  1. DK_Sat

    Dynosat HD7500 Receiver on Fleabay??

    Good review, Did you check if the box does AC-3 Audio, threw HDM and AV cables.
  2. DK_Sat

    RTPI (Portuguese Channel) Off Air KU 97W

    RTPI has change Frequency on Galaxy19 at 97W, 12152 H 20000
  3. DK_Sat

    Dish restoration advice

    I would get this dish if I were you, not many left.
  4. DK_Sat

    What to look for a wide band corotor feed horn

    Looking at the photos you have the Co-Rotor II plus wide band. You will be able to receive Satellites that broadcast there signal on circular and linear polarity
  5. DK_Sat

    Dish is raising the price for local channels

    That's why dish lost 680.00 customers in 2016 with B/S like this. Probably in 2017 they will try to break the old record, they will be aiming for a 1.000.000 .
  6. DK_Sat

    Dish is raising the price for local channels

    Look at the dish card,
  7. DK_Sat

    Dish is raising the price for local channels

    I have receive a Dish card in the mail that they are raising the price by $5 per month for local channels on the Core-Americas Top 250. I never had local channels with my package, i wonder if they going to make everyone take the local channel package.
  8. DK_Sat

    Very Sad News....RIP FaT Air

    He was a very nice gentlemen,he will be greatly miss.
  9. DK_Sat

    Important Service Information about your Fios Account

    They were going to upgrade me to a certified, pre-owned Fios Advanced Wi-Fi Router ( not a Quantum.) With a one-time purchase of $59.99 (plus taxes) with free shipping
  10. DK_Sat

    Important Service Information about your Fios Account

    I call up Verizon to see why are they applying those new monthly charges on old router. There answer was that my router is 10 years old and discontinued. So they gave me a new deal, home phone and 50-50 internet, new Quantum WI-FI router. No monthly router rental fees with a two year...
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    Important Service Information about your Fios Account

    This is the router that i am using fror Verizon Fios.
  12. DK_Sat

    Important Service Information about your Fios Account

    Did anyone get this email from Verizon Fios. Thank you for being a Verizon Fios® customer. We’re committed to providing you with the best internet experience possible, backed by the latest technology. Our records indicate that you have an older model router that is being discontinued. If you...
  13. DK_Sat

    MXIII android box evaluation

    Hi, I have the MXQ 805 it came with Kodi 14.2 i like to upgrade to 16.1, can you give some pointers how to upgrade my MXQ 805 box to 16.1 Thanks,
  14. DK_Sat

    Inexpensive HD FTA receivers from Far East on e-bay

    PopcornNMore, Does the Openbox Z5 do AC-3 Audio, you can try on SES at 103.0 W Fr 3740 V 29270. There are 2 channels ANT 1 and DW both broadcast there Audio on AC-3
  15. DK_Sat

    Dish to add big ten network to NYC dma

    I do not need all those extra BS channels, Hey Dish can you lower are bills? because your prices are going sky -HI---
  16. DK_Sat

    What is the cheapest FTA DBS-2 reciever you can get?

    I got 2 of those cheap DvbS2 receivers from Far East they will not decode AC3 audio. Good video and Blind scan.
  17. DK_Sat

    Audio sync issue on SES3 (103W)

    I have 7.5' dish park on 103.0 w i have no audio sync problem, i am using a Coship Mpeg4 receiver.
  18. DK_Sat

    Dish network arbitration email

    I got in , Md
  19. DK_Sat

    10 foot vs 7.5 polar mount

    That old mount looks like the first generation Sami dish mounts, the dish on the first photo is made by Winegard i do not see a problem mounting the 10' dish on it . You will need to drill new side holes on the dish panels so you bolt the 10 footer on the Winegard mount.
  20. DK_Sat

    Kijiji, eBay, and Craigslist dishes for you to take a look at

    I took one down years a go what a Paine, not worth a grand free yes.