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    Schedule/Timer not working properly

    my guide and and timers on my 722 were all sorts of messed up last night before the time change but seem fine now. the 211's were fine though.
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    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    will it tell me there is an update automatically? I keep checking in the system about screen for it.
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    722 sluggishness, will it ever end?

    my 722 also recently started responding slowly...very annoying.
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    Streaming with Blockbuster Thread

    so no "instant" streaming? i finally found something worth watching but it said it would be ready to watch in an hour. in some ways this is better since there are no changes in PQ.
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    722k screen freeze

    ok the fan did not help, I'm watching Futurama and it has froze 3 times so far....quick channel up and down clears it. if i had been recording this i would have had 5 minutes of show and 25 minutes of a frozen screen. I also just seen that the program guide isn't updating. I just hate trying to...
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    722k screen freeze

    thanks for the info, i had suspected that it was heat related even though its on an open shelf. I set a small cooling fan next to it and i haven't had it freeze yet today. I'm still using a 34 switch and it is only 2 feet away, so i'm not using the splitter. I also haven't had any reboots or...
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    722k screen freeze

    OK so I bought a Logitech Revue for my 622 and I didn't realize I had to use the HDMI connection for it to work right and of course it being a 622 the HDMI output quit working years ago. So I ordered a new 722k and since day one the screen randomly freezes. It has done it on several channels...