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  1. jmd102354

    I can't believe this thread is still going !

    HDDVD is dead...the war is over . Get over it ! :D
  2. jmd102354

    BD Right ! Toshiba say's size does count !

    The Dark side made the announcement of a bigger disc .(trying to be like Blu Ray after all ) Not to bore you with the BS details the following should tell you all you need to know ! Quote from the announcement: "While DVD Forum approval is one obstacle cleared for Toshiba, it remains to...
  3. jmd102354

    TV Entertainment (My Recordings 622)

    Is there anyway to delete the shows in the 622's tv entertainment , located in My Recordings?
  4. jmd102354

    In Case YOU forgot!

    GOD bless all the lost souls of September 11, 2001. The Attack On America . GOD bless America and all that lead Her !
  5. jmd102354

    160 GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - My Book Essential Edition

    Does anyone know if this external hard drive will work with the 622 when and if Dish ever activates the usb ? 160 GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - My Book Essential Edition Thanks
  6. jmd102354

    I am losing patience with Dishes Flunky Billing Dept

    Short Recap: I buy the 622 for $499. sale price I return the 942 for $200.00 credit I receive my bill today. Charged twice for additional receivers. (I have 622/211) 211 is leased...
  7. jmd102354

    Dish Network Account On Line Down ?

    For the past two days my on line account (statements, etc. ) has shown :Not available due to technical problems. Does anyone else have this problem ? The main page does show my last payment, my new balance, but the payment due is blank. Dish billing says the site is having problems. :confused:
  8. jmd102354

    Battery Backup Suggestions

    With all the T storms and split second power losses I am considering a Battery Back Up for the 622. Any suggestions ?
  9. jmd102354

    Another Giveaway Coming!

    OK ...Where is it ? What was it ? Did I win ? The weekend is just about over !
  10. jmd102354

    SNY vs ESPN-HD

    Anothe wacko regulation. Tonight I can receive the NY Mets on SNY in SD, but the same game is blacked out on ESPN-HD !:mad: :confused:
  11. jmd102354

    Question on hooking up Two 942's

    I only have one 4/4 switch but want to use two 942's. What do I need to do as far as switches, connections etc? Thanks
  12. jmd102354

    Dish said no price drop

    I just called the special number for 622 upgrades and asked about the 622 purchase price. The csr checked with his supervisor and said he knew nothing of a price drop. I then asked about buying the 622 at the Dish Store for $499. and the $200. rebate if I send in my 942. The csr said the $200...
  13. jmd102354

    Fox News Channel

    What happened ? Dish took it off . Are they just teasing with temporary lineups?:mad:
  14. jmd102354

    The Horror Channel ?

    What happened to the Horror Channel ? It was to be shown last night (11/6) on the Mens Channel .
  15. jmd102354


    Now I am having problems with audio dropouts on CBS-HD channel 9483. What did dish do now ??? :mad:
  16. jmd102354


    Today the Yankees are on and I am unable to watch it in HD because of the asinine blackout rules. But I can watch it on my Dish Network local PA. channel. (WSWB) These black out rules are a crock ! :mad:
  17. jmd102354

    What is going on ?

    Why all of a sudden when I log on to Sat Guys I am taken to the Voom Programming forum instead of the Main Sat Guys page ???I also am unable to use the New Posts button on top anymore. When I click on New Posts - Dish Network , for instance, it shows unknown ???
  18. jmd102354


    Todays new download L226 for 942 fixed my interactive menu problem. :)
  19. jmd102354

    Audio Dropouts

    Is anyone else having audio dropouts on the Rave channel ?
  20. jmd102354

    Called CSR

    Just got off the phone(5:10pm) with a csr. Asked to have VOOM added to my Hi Def pkg. In broken english she said I MUST subscribe to the AT180 pkg for the boomarang channel :confused: I told her I would call back later. So I called back and was told by another csr that they can't help me...