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  1. DK_Sat

    Dish is raising the price for local channels

    I have receive a Dish card in the mail that they are raising the price by $5 per month for local channels on the Core-Americas Top 250. I never had local channels with my package, i wonder if they going to make everyone take the local channel package.
  2. DK_Sat

    Important Service Information about your Fios Account

    Did anyone get this email from Verizon Fios. Thank you for being a Verizon Fios® customer. We’re committed to providing you with the best internet experience possible, backed by the latest technology. Our records indicate that you have an older model router that is being discontinued. If you...
  3. DK_Sat

    DISH bill when up $5

    I just got my auto pay bill today and it when up $5 i have top 250, i check the Directv web side there packages are more then dish.
  4. DK_Sat

    WTB OpenBox S10

    If anyone has a OpenBox S10 for sale, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  5. DK_Sat

    Mega Cosmos the Greek channel coming to Dish Network

    The Greek channel Mega Cosmos is going to start broadcasting on Dish Network on satellite 118.7
  6. DK_Sat

    Greek Channels, Elite Pack price increase.

    Greek channels, Elite Pack price increase. Letter from Dish Network To provide you with the best content available and to cover increased costs, effective on or around December 6th, 2012, the monthly price of the Greek Elite Pack will increase from $24.99 to $29.99.
  7. DK_Sat

    OTHER X2 Premium HD PVR Satellite Receiver

    It comes with 2 remotes and HDMI cable. Full HD Satellite Receiver USB 2.0 HOST HDD supporting for Timeshift and Live recording or playback simultaneously, powerful trick mode LAN PORT, WiFi Supported , PVR (Record and Play) , Card Reader, Multi-language supported, (OSD &...
  8. DK_Sat

    MicroHD manual PIDS

    Did anyone try if the manual PID Feature work on the MicroHD.
  9. DK_Sat

    Mundo Fox HD

    Is Mundo Fox HD going on DN or is going to be OTA channel
  10. DK_Sat

    Amiko HD-8240 FTA receiver

    I see that there is a new HD receiver out the Amiko HD-8240, did anyone at Sat Guys play with one yet.
  11. DK_Sat

    New TRAXIS DBS6000HD MPEG 4 receiver

    DMS has a new HD receiver coming out on May 25, 2012 the TRAXIS DBS6000HD with the Fujitsu H60 processor. HD PVR Ready Fujitsu H60 FTA + USB + PVR + MULTI CAs+ LAN(CC CAM, NEW CAMD, MG CAMD SUPPORTED) Fully compliant with the DVB-S2 digital TV reception standards...
  12. DK_Sat

    Eastern ark quality signal Verses Wetern ark

    I just install a eastern ark dish 61,72,77 the signal quality on eastern ark satellites is lower then the western ark satellites 110,119,129. The quality i am getting on the eastern ark satellites is from 55 to 62, on the western ark satellites i am getting 68 to 72 with the International dish...
  13. DK_Sat

    America's Top 250 with no locals.

    I have the America's Top 250 with no locals , If i sigh up for HD for life will i be able to keep the same Top 250 package with no locals.
  14. DK_Sat

    OpenBox S10 on ebay for $33.00

    OpenBox S10 for $33.00 with free shipping he has sold 35 OpenBox receivers? 2011 OPENBOX S10 HD MINI PVR FTA RECEIVER S9 BOX +BONUS | eBay
  15. DK_Sat

    508 for 222k Dual

    I have Super Dish 121 i am only using the 110/119 sats with a 34 switch , i have one 508 with hard drive problems and 2, 311 can i replace the 508 with a 222k dual will this receiver work with the satellite set up that i have know.
  16. DK_Sat

    Eastern Arc Dish and 34 Switch

    Can a 34 switch be used with a eastern arc dish with one 722k and 2, 211 HD receivers.
  17. DK_Sat

    Canadian CRTC to review satellite TV

    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is to hold public hearings this autumn into the country's satellite TV and direct-to- home broadcast policies and regulations. The Commission wants to address matters relating the country's transition to digital TV, local...
  18. DK_Sat

    DISH Network ViP 222K High-Definition

    I have 3 dish receivers if i swap my maine receiver that is a PVR 508 with the dish network 222K HD will it be any charges being a 2 tuner receiver and a maine receiver
  19. DK_Sat

    HITS Goes Terrestrial

    HITS has announced a national terrestrial fiber distribution service for delivering video programming to cable MSOs. The fiber network is designed to help MSOs broaden their HD offerings as well as future iTV, 3DTV and other services.
  20. DK_Sat

    More C-Band Going Dark

    From, SKYR. Another round of programming is going dark for C-Band systems, according to a note sent to dealers from National Programming Service. Effective June 20, all Showtime channels (including 16 flavors of Showtime, four Movie Channel versions and Flix East and West) will turn off...