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    Vip 622 Problems on Multiple Units...

    Myself and two of my friends got the newer Vip 622 Model. Having some Problems on the 622 (Yes at the latest version L3.56): Issue 1: Last night I was watching and all the channels had choppiness in the video. (Sort of like it was missing some frames) not smooth. Since it was happening...
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    HD Content on 129 same as 61.5 ??

    Thanks... I justed wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any HD programming being on 61.5 vs. 129. Thanks, Rich
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    HD Content on 129 same as 61.5 ??

    Hey, DISH told me that I don't get the DISH 1000 (110, 119, 129) since I already get 61.5 and they say all the channels that are HD are also on 61.5 - is that true? I thought ESPN2 HD was only on 129. I am going to buy a DISH 1000 because trees get in the way on my 61.5 during the...
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    Additional 622 for $99 Upgrade Information....

    Lease Fee? Warranty??? Hello quick question... What is the fee to lease a Vip622 monthly? Does that price include a warranty if the receiver was to go out? Or would I have to pay an additional fee for warranty coverage? Thanks, Rich :confused:
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    Dish 622 - $99 Upgrade Details

    Lease Fee include - Warranty? So the one advantage I see on this lease deal for those who own a 942 like myself is that if the unit was to FRY/BLOWUP/BLOWOUT...since you are paying a lease fee of $6 a could call DISH and they would send you a new/refurb working one to replace your...
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    How to hook up 3 Dual Tuner DVRs?

    Thanks Stargazer Thanks Stargazer...and ideas where I can find some diagrams online of hooking up multiple receivers to s DPP-44? I looked at the above link by gbjbany but none of those show more that 2 receivers being hooked up. Thanks Again, Rich
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    How to hook up 3 Dual Tuner DVRs?

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me how you hook up Qty. 3 (Dual TUner) DVR's to a DISH 1000? My friend is getting a vip622 and a DVR 625 for her two downstairs tv's and a DVR 625 for an upstairs tv. How would you hook this up to the DISH 1000? Doesnt it only handle 2 (2 tuner) DVR boxes...